Broth (Dashi), Hot Pot (Nabe), Japanese Authentics, Poultry/Chicken, Soup/Juice, Vegetables
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Cold Vegetable Nabe (Cold Pot)

NABE (known as a hot-pot/Nabemono) is popular winter ‘easy’ dish in Japan; the ingredients used in the Nabe differs in regions of Japan and a variety of numbers of NABE exists in this country.
My own terminology of the concept of NABE is :
NABE = Seasonal Food + Regional Food (Meat or Seafood) + Vegetables
NABE is also a popular dish to health conscious eaters as it is non-oily, broth based boiling method, filling yet very vegetarian.

This is a COLD NABE (POT) for a small family gathering.
It is a shitake(mushroom) & conbu (seaweed) broth with the following ingredients.
The broth and all ingredients are precooked and well chilled before placing it inside the pot dish.
Yakumi (different kind of spices) and sauces go with the COLD NABE, selected individually be each guests.



The most cruel summer is approaching Tokyo, the daytime temperatures easily approaches above 30degrees (85F) sometimes well over 35 degrees(95F) with humidity over fifty percent.

Consequently cold yet healthy dishes become an ‘essential’ food in Japan.
written by Hisako Makimura in Tokyo, Japan

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