Japanese Authentics, Kaiseki, Tofu
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Tofu Cuisine – Tofuya Ukai, Tokyo

‘Tofuya Ukai’ is a typical Tofu Cuisine, located adjacent to Tokyo Tower popular for bridal events, meet and greets.

I thought I will introduce the lunch cuisine which to us Japanese represent as a typical WASHOKU. It is a called a Kaiseki style (course menu), each dish bringing the breeze of summer and the use of seasonal ingredients.

The architecture of Ukai-Tei (the building) can be seen at this site.

The entrance hallway was decorated with an ice block and maple, ikebana style.

UkaiTei_Ice Artwork


A soothing goldfish patterned pottery, a cooling moment on a very hot summer day.



The lunch menu, printed in washi paper. (Japanese paper)



  • 鬼灯に山桃

Mountain Peach and Hozuki (Chinese Lantern)

  • 鱧すし 石川芋

Pike Conger (Hamo) sushi and Ishikawa mountain yam



  • やらから鮑と白木耳

Soft abalone and white wood ear (mounting jelly fish)



  • あげ田楽 (Age Dengaku)

Fried tofu with Dengaku Miso, which is sweet miso with shallots



  •  とうもころこにすり流し

Sweet corn soup




  • 地魚

Seasonal fish (bonito sashimi)




  • 丸なす胡麻和え

Round aubergine marinated with white sesame paste



  • 豆水とうふ

Tofu made from local groundwater




  • 鮎山椒

Fried Ayu (Freshwater Trout) with Sansho Peppers



  • 茗荷ごぼうご飯

Myoga Burdock (Gobo) Rice



  •  いちじく

Fig Gelee




written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan

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Born Japanese, raised as a Japanese but lived in various parts of the world since childhood, lived multi-cultural. Enjoy EATING, COOKING, CREATING and a RUNNING fanatic. Love to keep life naturally simple and organic. Currently resides in Tokyo.

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