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Fruit farmland | Peach and Grape Season

As we approach and hit the most hottest dire season of the year, we are also welcoming the best season for a variety of fruits in Japan.

One of my favorite fruit is the ‘Japanese Peach’, which you won’t be able to get it anywhere around the world but to come to Japan to eat this. It is just awesome!!! Big, juicy and gorgeous (the shape and price as well)!!!

Just a few hours drive from Tokyo, YAMANASHI-prefecture (Home of Mt. Fuji), KOFU basin is known for ‘fruits agriculture’ (they call it the KINGDOM OF FRUIT) which you can check their promotion site. It is not far from Tokyo on the freeway (2~2.5 hours drive) and peach season starts in mid-July ending in late August. This area also produces grapes in which this area is also famous for their winery.




Along the ‘Fruits Line’, extending from Katsunuma Interchange; you will come across trees and trees and trees of peaches, plums, grapes, cherries, etc.etc.







As you drive along the Fruits Line (Road), you will come across peach farms with ‘unattended service stations’. These peaches are probably picked in the morning however disqualified from coop and they come at an extremely low price.



This is a peach and blueberry cake which I made, using my banana chiffon cake recipe but didn’t work so well so I will not be revealing the recipe just of yet. The cake was slightly overcooked and turned out to be too dry after cooling it in the fridge; although it looks really yummie……though!!!!



Peach blueberry cake_2


written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan

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Born Japanese, raised as a Japanese but lived in various parts of the world since childhood, lived multi-cultural. Enjoy EATING, COOKING, CREATING and a RUNNING fanatic. Love to keep life naturally simple and organic. Currently resides in Tokyo.

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