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Weekend Bread Bakery

My weekend breads which I make for my small group of friends.

My homemade bread baking goes back ….oh gosh…..over 10 years. Breads could be a time consuming process (at times) but I got totally addicted to the organic reaction of ‘fermentation’ which to think of it…a lot of Japanese food such as MISO, SOYSAUCE, SAKE are also produced from the process.

My breads uses YEASTS and NATURAL DERIVED YEASTS which I hope to introduce at due course in my future blogs. A distinctive process of my bread-making is leaving it overnight to proof in the fridge which makes the bread soft and moist compared to a ultra-speed yeast boost.


Croque Monsieur

Soft boiled egg, ham and cheese baked on a English Muffin Bun, served as a light lunch snack.




Soft boiled egg nested inside a English Muffin dough.






My scones is sort of a moist bread scone, proofed at least 24 hours with yeast (or natural yeast) and then refrigerated before it goes into the oven. The texture of my scone is not like a biscuit type but more of a moist bread. It is simple to make but time consuming.







One of my favorite doughs in bread-making is the French Bread – baguette type of doughs. The ‘RUSTIQUE’ is a square cut French Bread often handy and fun to variate the filling inside the dough.

Bacon, Cheese and a little bit of green (leaks) peaking out from the dough makes a perfect lunch snack. Mayonnaise and french mustard is added to give a slight flavor when you bite into it.







A mushroom shape French Bread which serves as a dinner roll.





written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan








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