Month: February 2015


Japanese Parsley ‘Seri’ French Toast | セリのフレンチトースト

Weekend coming up and a nice simple recipe for a late morning brunch. A good way of making good use of leftover baguettes or french bread in your bread bin. Any type of herbs will do but my ‘window garden’ is showing signs of early spring and I have a pot of Japanese Parsley (called ‘seri’) growing new leaves so using the ‘Seri’ and ‘Cilantro (Coriander)’ and bacon, this is is a lovely brunch recipe not sweet but rather….goes with some wine or champagne. 忙しかった一週間。 買ったバゲットが余ってしまったら、、 甘くないフレンチトースト。 遅く起きた週末の朝のシャンペーン・ブランチにいかがでしょうか? 季節の香味野菜、『セリ』と『香菜』と『ベーコン』。カリカリなバゲットが好きな方は事前にトースターでバゲットを焼いてからフレンチトーストにしてみては? ちょっとおしゃれな気分にひたれる、、シンプルなレシピです。 Japanese Parsley – Seri French Toast Recipe – 4 slices of Baguette (1.5cm thickness) 1 + 1/2 Tablespoon finely chopped Japanese Parsley ‘SERI’ 1 + 1/2 Tablespoon finely chopped Cilantro 1 + 1/2 Tablespoon finely chopped Bacon 2 eggs 2 Tablespoons of Milk or Cream 1 Teaspoon of Salt Pinch of black pepper Vegetable Oil or Rapeseed Oil Chop the Japanese parsley, cilantro and bacon. Beat the eggs and add milk or cream (desire) adding salt and pepper. Combine the ingredients with the eggs. Dip …


Sun Dried Horse Mackerel | 鯵の干物

This is a typical Japanese dish, a sun dried horse mackerel; sold quite readily at grocery stores but hey! home made beat any. It’s not difficult to make, quite simple, just as long as you have the three things. you are able to get very fresh horse mackerel a cold winter day around between 5 ~ 10℃ with sunlight a real fish lover Sun dried horse mackerel, we call it ‘namaboshi’ or ‘aji no himono’ is a typical dish which accompanies a Japanese breakfast with rice. 我々日本人には欠かせない、、『鯵の干物』。 寒い冬には『自家製の干物』はとっても簡単にできるのでよくやります。海の近くに住んでいれば数多くの魚を干物にできるのですが、、ね。都内では新鮮で手早くできるので高い値段で取り寄せを買うより自家製は断然旨い!!!ですよ〜。 Namaboshi (Fresh Dried) Horse Mackerel Recipe 3~4 Very Fresh Horse Mackerel 20% of Salt Water Cut the belly of the horse mackerel removing the gill, intestine. Cut the throat of the horse mackerel, carving out along the belly and spine. Be careful not cut along the back. Divide the head in half, again be careful not to separate the head totally. Scrape with a knife once it has been sliced open and wash the blood (belly) well with water or thin salt water. You can use a …


Apple Cinnamon Bread | アップル シナモン ブレッド

Another one of my most simple….breakfast breads. There’s nothing to it. Just mix and blend but the apples and cinnamon make a well combination to savor it for breakfast over a warm cup of hot coffee or hot latte. Try it!!! 林檎とシナモンが好きな人にはとっても 最適で、、 ウルトラシンプルな、、 ブレッド・ケーキ。 まぜるて焼くだけだけでも、、旨い! Apple Cinnamon Bread Recipe – 【Dry Ingredients】 375g Flour 1 + 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Powder 1 ~ 2 Tablespoons Cinnamon pinch of salt 【Wed Ingredients】 100g Brown Sugar (substitute maple syrup) 3 large egg 170g Milk 100g Rapeseed Oil 【Fruit】 2 mediums size apples Preheat the oven to 180℃ / 350F. Peel and cut the apples into small sizes. Combine the dry ingredients and sift well. With a mixer – beat the sugar and egg until the mixture is thick and heavy. Add the rapeseed oil and milk slowly the oil combines well into the mixture without separating. With a spatula – add the flour in several portiions and then the apples. Blend well. Transfer the mixture in a well battered baking tin (kugelhoph baking tin) and spread the …


Italian Style White Beans | イタリア風白豆

Here is a very simple ‘bean lovers’ recipe, which my ‘gourmet friend’ brought over using a ‘white bean’ which happens to be one of my favorite beans. I sort of gathered the taste and made it into my own recipe as my husband may like it. It’s simple…. and serves as a nice side dish to pastas or risottos. 私の友人でとってもお料理がうまい『グルメシェフ』から頂いた『新豆〜白豆』のイタリア風。我家の食卓には必ず何からしのおお豆があるのです。 和風の煮豆が多いのですがこれは食欲そそるお豆で主人が食べれる様に自己流に改造してみました。 お豆は前の晩からつけておくとすぐ煮えますよ〜。我家はもっぱらレククルーゼで圧をかけながらコトコト、、アッと言う間に煮豆が出来上がります。ホウロウの重いお鍋は便利です。 お豆好き、、是非試してみてください。 Italian style White Beans 300g White Beans 3~4 slices of bacon 1/4 chopped onions 1/4 chopped leaks 2 tablespoons of parsley Olive Oil Soak the dried white beans overnight (at least for 12 hours) in water. Bring the white beans to boil and drain the water to extract the froth. Using a hot pot, boil the white bean for about 2 hours with a sprinkle of salt until the beans become nice and soft. Sautee the bacon, onions, leaks with olive oil and add the parsley last. Make sure that the vegetables are well marinated with olive oil. Add the vegetables to the boiled white beans and toss it so it is …


Monkfish Hot Pot | あんこう鍋

OMG…. this is probably the most natural reaction if your are not familiar with this fish…. even if you are…no doubt it still has a lot of visual impact. This is a MONKFISH (‘ANKO’ in Japanese). If you are a fish or sushi lover, I am sure some may have heard of BLOWFISH (‘FUGU’ in Japanese) but not so much of this MONKFISH (‘ANKO’) which is a winter delicacy. It is caught in deep waters residing at the bottom of the ocean, forgiving the part of looking grotesque and ugly, the fish itself has a firm flesh, full of collagen, jelly-like and is very delicious. The most popular way of eating MONKFISH is of a hot pot seen below. Oarai town in Ibaraki prefecture, some 2 hour northeast of Tokyo is well known for this MONKFISH fishery. We took a drive to a restaurant called ‘Oomori’ at Oarai,  a restaurant which normally specializes in sardines cuisine but serves monkfish only during the winter months. 毎年念願だった行事の一つ。 冬が終わる前に、、『あんこう鍋』を食べに大洗まで行ってきました。あんこうのつるし切りはさすがにインパクトありますわ。一番寒い今の季節は肝も脂が乗っていてあんこうが一番美味しい時期だと地元の人は言っておりました。我々が訪れたのはいわし専門料理というお店でしたが、冬の数ヶ月だけあんこう鍋もやっている大洗『大森』というお店に行ってまいりました。(茨城県東茨城群大洗町磯浜町3152-1/TEL 029.267.4060) 『あんこう鍋』 This is the ANKO NABE, a hot pot …


Party Pizzettes | ピゼット

Here are my ‘party pizzettes’…… petite size pizzas, the dough thin and bread-like, above all fun to make and makes perfect gifts for wine parties. The topping could be anything of your choice but my selections are seasonal and for the occasion. If it would be a wine/cocktail party, the toppings could be more on the salty side than sweet. If perhaps for a younger or children gathering, I would tend to go for the more sweeter selections for both the sauce and topping. Whatever it is, variety is nice to have so people can pick on their own choice and tongue. ワインの集まりに作った『ピゼット』。ピザより小さく、つまんでもあまりお腹がいっぱいにならない程度のもの。トッピングはコレ!と言ったものではなく、好みにトッピングを使うといいです。まずはベースとなるソースをきめてるとそのソースに合うトッピングをのせればいいのがピザ方程式。個人的には『じっくり低温で炒めた玉葱』がとっても好きで少し塩気を多くしておくのがポイント。茶色い玉葱は自然にねっとりと絡みが良くなり他の具材やチーズとも相性がとっても良い。 夕飯の残りのカレーやホワイトクリームシチューなど、、水分を飛ばし冷凍保存しておくとこの時にソースとして大活躍しますよ! Pizzette Dough Recipe (Makes 23) 400g Flour 100g Fine whole-wheat flour 5g Dry yeast 10g Sugar 10g Skim milk powder 340g Water 40g Butter Toppings with Base Sauce – Gobo pâté Black Olives + Shredded Cheese Black Olives + Sardines + Shredded Cheese Sautée various type of Mushrooms + Shredded Cheese Toppings with Base Sauce – Sautéed Onions Base Sauce – very well sautéed salted brown onions. Sautee the onions for …


Gobo Root Pâté | ごぼうパテ

Gobo, ‘gobo root’, ‘burdock’. Gobo is a root vegetable quite often used in Japanese cooking. I have never seen this in having had lived in Los Angeles and Ireland but I heard that Hawaii started to test grow the ‘gobo root’, some number of years ago. It seems now that the growing of ‘gobo root’ has slightly spread, also grown in California. Gobo has a distinctive special flavor often used in a cooking style called ‘Kinpira’ which is simply stir-fried with soy sauce and mirin. As some point I will be showing you how to make ‘Kinpira’ vegetables ‘(gobo, carrots, radish, etc. ) a very simple but typical dish on our Japanese dinner table. This is a  ‘Vegetable Pâté’, suitable for vegetarians goes quite well with my homemade French bread baguettes and campagnes. パテと言えばレバーパテと連想しがちですが、、 菜食主義にはもってこいの『ごぼうパテ』。 近いうちに紹介しようと思っているパン作り-ピゼットの下地にはもってこいのパテ。もちろんバゲットやカンパーニュやクロックムッシュに使っても美味しく、ごぼうが独特な風味を出してくれる重宝パテです。 The acutal GOBO looks like this. Brush off the dirt and scape the skin with a vegetable knife before use. Gobo Pate Recipe 350g Gobo (Burdock) 6 sundried tomatoes soaked in olive oil 3 slices anchovies 50g butter Salt …


Blueberry Yoghurt Muffins | ブルーベリー ヨーグルト マフィン

An extremely simple, quick to make homemade ‘Blueberry Muffins’. It may be hard to believe but ‘MUFFINS’ are not regular items you may see at bakeries here in Tokyo, incomparable as to when I used to live in Los Angeles. Muffins used to be my favorites for breakfast accompanied with a cafe latte and the LA blueberry muffins were just humongous. Muffins….really  not difficult to make. When producing my own original recipe, I always go the very organic and healthy route with no butter and low sugar and lots of blueberries; which are below. A petite size are nice to have especially for children’s snacks. ブルーベリーのシロップ漬けが常備されていれば、とっても簡単にできるブルーベリー・マフィン。ロサンゼルスに住んでいた頃は巨大なマフィンが大好きでした。アメリカはマフィン大国でベーカリーにはパンよりマフィンの数々、それもかなりのボリューム感があり一回では食べきれず何回にも分けて食べれる位大きかった記憶があります。日本には巨大マフィンがなくとも、パン屋さんはマフィンよりも美味しいパンが沢山あるのでムリもありませんが。 フルーツ入りの洋風お茶菓子は主人の好物の一つでもあるので我家はマフィンやらスコーンやら、、比較的常備されております。 一番簡単なレシピでヨーグルトを使いヘルシーレシピを公開。 ご興味のある方、お子さんのいらっしゃる方、、是非作ってみて。 Blueberry Yoghurt Muffins Recipe (makes 6 large) 【A】 1 large egg 240ml yoghurt 80ml rapeseed oil 【B】 260g flour 70g sugar 50g almond powder 1 + 1/2teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt 【C】 270g blueberry (syrup) OR 170g blueberry + chocolate chips Combine the 【A】ingredients with a beater/mixer. Combine the 【B】ingredients and sift well. Combine the 【A】ingredients with 【B】with a spatula, lifting the …


Mizore Nabe (Snow Nabe) | 雪鍋

It’s snowing again in Tokyo…whew…. not so bad as of yet but forecast calls for more heavy snowfall towards the evening and overnight. また、東京は雪予報です。 また、まさにみぞれ状態で積もってはいませんが夜半から積雪は増える予報。東京の雪は本当に困りますね。冬場に2〜3回しかふらない街は雪対策ができていなく、生活のスピードが一挙に落ちます。最もいつも早足の東京ではこうゆう日が数日あっても悪くはないのかも知れません。たまには雪を見ながら、、自宅で『雪見鍋(雪鍋)』でもいかがでしょうか。


Risotto ai formaggi | パルメザンチーズ・リゾット

One of my simplest risotto recipe. Whenever you see…. head/bones of a flatfish or shrimp, do not, I remind you DO NOT throw away it away. It becomes good seafood stock. The three basic soup stock kept in my freezer as ice cubes are – ‘seafood’, ‘chicken’ and ‘Japanese dashi – bonito flakes‘. Good stock and fresh ingredients – you can’t go wrong. 超、、簡単なリゾット。 平目と海老の出汁が必要ですが、、超、、簡単です。 スーパーや魚屋さんの隅っこにひっそりと置いてある『アラ』は料理のスープのもと、、むふふ、私には宝です。美味しいスープがあれば、自家製シーフート・パルメザンチーズ・リゾットもイタリア人に負けないですよ〜(笑)。 Risotto ai formaggi Recipe (for 2) 100g rice 1/4 chopped onions 30g butter 2 tablespoon white wine 1 tablespoon consomme 500cc Flatfish and Shrimp Soup Parmigiano reggiano Salt & Pepper Purchase some head/bones of a flatfish. Over frying pan, with a little bit of oil sauté the head/bone of a flatfish and shrimp heads. Add water to cover the fish and cook for just about 20 minutes in low heat, removing the froth. (Leftover soup stock can be frozen to store) Chop the onions. Melt the butter over a frying pan, adding the onions and fry over medium heat until the onions become translucent. Add the UNWASHED RICE and …