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DIY Natural Mosquito Repellant | 『天然・安心・安い』蚊よけ

My friends say, I make most anything.

Good point and true.

Yes, I do like to make things from scratch – including our seasonal mosquito repellant which my husband consumes like hell. We grow herbs in our petite garden which theoretically mosquito should dislike but we can never get rid of them during the summer season.

I boiled a bunch of herbs the other day, a quick and fast job but the brown herb water discolored his clothes, so I am making a new jar with white liquor. It will take 2 weeks before use but I hope it works! We still have less mosquito traffic in our garden so I think he can wait.








Natural Mosquito Repellant Recipe –

  • 1 Jar with lid (フタ付きの瓶)
  • White Liquor , Japanese Shochu (ホワイトリッカー、焼酎など)
  • Mint (ミント)
  • Lemongrass (レモングラス)
  • Geranium (ゼラニウム)
  • Rosemary (ローズマリー)
  • Lavender (ラベンダー)
  • Catnip (マタタビ)

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