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Zucchini flower fritters (fritelli di fiore di zucchini) | ズッキーニの花のフリッター

Our regular driving trip to Hakushu Farmers Market in Yamanashi prefecture, close to the border of Nagano.  The farmers seem quite busy yet with planting rice but once the rice settles down, the farm owners provide fresh grown organic vegetable to a farmers market called ‘Michi no eki Hakushu’.

Today, I was fortunate to encounter able to freshly picked ‘zuccini flowers’ which is a yet a rare item in Japan. Italians eat a lot of ‘zuccini flower fritters’ but although zuccini has become a common vegetable in Japanese supermarkets, it is yet a rarity to encounter ‘zuccini flowers’.






Zucchini flower fritters (tempura)  with stuffed mozarella cheese.



Fresh basil pesto capellini pasta.

Nothing to it…lots and lots of basil mixed with extra virgin olive oil in the food processor.



  1. My French Heaven says

    I really like your blog. It is so wonderful to find a Japanese blog partly written in English. I went to Japan for the first time last November and absolutely fell in love with both the country and its people. I will visit again. In the meantime, I can read your lovely blog! I took a cooking class in Tokyo to learn how to make tempura (one of my top five favorite dishes), but it turned out the teacher wasn’t very good… I’ll have to keep trying. I posted 4 articles about my trip on my little blog. I just had too many pictures and impressions to share. Here are the links if you are interested:
    My dream is to go back one day to take professional portraits of people with their dogs… I would seriously consider moving to Japan…
    Have a lovely day and keep up the good work with your beautiful blog!

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  2. Thank you so much for your inspiring comments. I was so excited to find your blog and marked it like a book to read – your contents so rich and and your photography so inspiring (admitting that used to be a former creative producer at an advertising agency, retired few years before from living in suitcases….) . Thank you for your Japan links…I will visit them through the course of what I call ‘French Heaven Book’, reading few articles as I find my time through daily chores and cooking. I personally have returned back to Tokyo, Japan after living two thirds of my life abroad which to find yes! Japan never seem to bore me in every aspect of life, season and especially the food and culture. I should endeavor to show more of my home made Japanese cooking….a hungry husband before dinner make it rather difficult…lol. Again, thank you for stopping by!


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