Month: October 2015

Tarte Figues | 無花果のタルト

Back again to autumn food – ‘figs’. Figs come on regularly on our breakfast and dinner table. I adore the look of the figs – its pristine detail so meticulous and my desire to photograph each detail of the fine art creation of nature which I feel far beyond human craftsmanship and imagination. Anyway….I encountered this recipe which comes from FREDERIC CASSEL’s book,

the Autumn fish – Pacific Saury | ガッテン流 – 秋刀魚の季節

The arrival of ‘Pacific Saury’, a thin sword-like fish called ‘Sanma’ signifies the arrival of autumn and is probably one of the most popular fish in Japan during this short season. The Japanese kanji (characters) is written  秋(autumn) 刀 (sword) 魚(fish) so literally figuratively the fish is what it spells to be.

Gelled Aduki Paste with Chestnuts | 栗蒸し羊羹

This is a typical Japanese confectionery called ‘yokan’, a gelled aduki (red bean) paste. People who may not be familiar with ‘yokan’ – here is a link to a one of the most famous traditional maker of Japanese confectionery  ‘Toyora’ which also represent the artistry of Japanese confectionery.