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Kobako Crab on Rice | 香箱ガニ丼

This is a Kobako Crab ‘donburi (on rice)’ dish, a typical  and simple Japanese dish.

The Kobako Crab is a female snow crab in the caught around the Hokuriku area of Japan. As we are getting near to November, the fishing period of the Kobako Crab has starts and this is one of our delicacies (treat) which my husband loves to prepare.

Crabs generally do not come cheap in Japan, so do this snow crab (we call it Zuwai Crab) but this Kobako Crab is a female snow crab which is relatively small in size and it’s price reflecting the size as well. Compared to the male, it carries the eggs and packed with flesh and it’s authentics.

The eggs and the flesh are finely taken out of the shell and prepared on top of a hot white rice, with a sprinkle of good soy sauce….it is a heavenly dish.






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