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Ciabatta Pizza Bread | チャパタ・ピザパン

A nice and simple snack to keep in the freezer if you ever run out of lunch ideas or not in the mood to cook dinner. The ‘Ciabatta’ dough is slightly softer and bread-like than the pizza dough but not so thick like the ‘Focaccia’. Although I must admit both doughs work just fine for any pizza breads.  The toppings? Anything you can find in your fridge works!








Dough Recipe (Makes 6)

  • 500g Flour (100%)
  • 100g Levian Liquid (can do without it) (20%)
  • 3g Dry yeast (0.6%)
  • 5g Salt (2.5%)
  • 365g Water (73%)
  • 35g Olive Oil (7%)

Toppings with Tomato Sauce

  • Tomato Sauce (Pizza Sauce or Tomato Puree)
  • Mozarella Cheese
  • Brocolli, Fresh Tomato, Japanese Maitake Mushrooms, Bacon
  • Shredded Cheese
  1. The process is basically making bread.
  2. Mix the flour + (levian liquid)+ salt in a bowl.
  3. Add warm water to the dry yeast and let it ferment under warm water for about 20minutes (before use).
  4. Add the dry yeast and water and mix (I use a bread kneader) for 5 minutes and then add the olive oil and knead for another 5 minutes.
  5. [ 1st Proof ] 1 hour @ 28C / 82F + punch + 30 minutes @ 28C / 82F
  6. [ Shaping ] Cut the dough @ approx. 160g
  7. [ Shaping ] With a roller, shape the dough to a round pizza shape 15cm~20cm diameter. NOTE : The dough is relatively soft and wet. In order to shape the dough use ample working flour so it will not stick onto the working board. 73% of water in the dough is quite difficult to handle but will result in a very soft dough.
  8. [ Shaping ] Spoon on the sauce, sprinkle with your desired toppings on the pizzette.
  9. [ 2nd Proof ] 45 minutes @ 30C / 86F
  10. [ Baking] Brush olive oil around the outer rim and shredded cheese for final topping and bake at 220C/485F for about 15minutes.


Dough Recipe (Makes 6)

  • 強力粉‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥500g (100%)
  • ルヴァンリキッド‥‥‥‥‥100g (20%)
  • ドライイースト‥‥‥‥‥‥3g (0.6%)
  • 塩‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥5g (2.5%)
  • 水‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥356g (73%)
  • オリーブオイル‥‥‥‥‥‥35g (7%)


  • トマトソース(市販でもいいし、ピザソースでもよし)
  • モッツァレラチーズ
  • ブロッコリ、トマト、舞茸、ベーコン
  • シュレッドチーズ
  • 生地の作り方はパンの作り方です。
  • 強力粉、塩をボウルに混ぜ合わせておきます。
  • ドライイーストは20分位前に温かい水で溶かし、湯煎で事前発酵をさせておきます。
  • ドライイーストと水とルヴァンリキッドを②に加えパンニーダーで5分捏ねます。
  • 更にオリーブオイルを混ぜ合わせ5分捏ねます。
  • 【第1次発酵】1時間@28℃/82F + パンチ + 30分@28℃/82F
  • 【分割】6等分に分割します。
  • 【成形】15cm-20cmの円形にのばします。ベースにソースを引き、具材をのせ、外側には余白を取っておいてください。
  • 【第2次発酵】45分@30℃/86F
  • 【焼成】外側の余白にオリーブオイルをはけで塗り、220℃に熱したオーブンで15焼きます。

追伸 : 水分量が多い生地なので成形しにくいとおもいますが打ち粉を多少多めに使って頑張ってピザ台に成形してくださ

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