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Tea Soaked Twice Cooked Chicken 2 | 紅茶鶏 2

‘Tea Soaked Twice Cooked Chicken (紅茶鶏)’ posted on August 9th on was cooked without curing (smoking) the chicken since I did not have this smoking kit.

Life in Tokyo and our neighborhood is yes! indeed very clustered and although I imagined for a  more grand smoking kit but I chose a ‘petite’ kit so it will save me from getting carried away and smoke away the neighborhood which could be act of disturbance (if I do it much too often!)

The smoking kit is just enough to cure 2 large chicken thighs and ham…which turned out quite good enough.

The chicken was smoked for about 2 hours using ‘sakura (cherry blossom) chips’ and turned the chicken into a totally different texture – the texture of a Peking Duck which you can often get in Chinese Restaurants.

The recipe is posted on August 9th if anyone is interested in going…slow life; my next attempt will probably be to do the whole (small) chicken rather than just 2 thighs. See what happens……until then.














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