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Cinnamon Danish | シナモン・デニッシュ

The bread scones sold at a convenient store ‘Lawson’ inspired me to test if my croissant/danish recipes will  suffice to make the similar bread scone texture (I bought the maple biscuit scone and one other which was like a strawberry biscuit scone, which my husband just loved!) .

What I did was increased (doubled) the bread flour amount to my croissant recipe and simply folded the dough into 3 parts with a cinnamon sugar butter filling.

It didn’t come out the way I hoped for…bur it turned out well enough to be a croissant with a little bit of bread-like dough.

Good enough?!

Not exactly but will do….lol







スクリーンショット 2016-05-14 21.35.48

Bread Scones sold at LAWSONs Left-cranberry and white chocolate biscuit Right – maple biscuit



Recipe – Using the Croissant Recipe,

I’ve increased the

Bread Flour (100%) 300g >>>>> Bread Flour (100%) 600g

The process is exactly the same as making a ‘Croissant’, folding the final dough and cutting it to a scone size.

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