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a Summer Lunch suggestion, Veggies Sandwich | 夏休みのランチ 野菜たっぷりサンドイッチ

At the midst of summer vacation for children’s lunch. Perhaps this may be a colorful and appealing lunch for small gatherings at home. I’ve done this colorful lunch sandwich a few times with a few of my incidental gatherings.

The ingredients and fillings to choose can be just anything you like but just a few reminder to aim for –

  • colorful
  • pretty
  • healthy
  • appetizing

Not necessarily does it have to be a vegetarian sandwich. If you like just add ham, pastrami, cheese, even a meat pattie, just about anything but think when you slice it down the middle, the layers are what is visually pretty as you have aimed it to be.



  • 色とりど
  • かわいいく
  • ヘルシーで
  • 食欲が湧く



少人数の集まりにも最適ですよ〜 (簡単だし)笑



  1. Scrambled Egg & Green Baby Leaves
  2. Vinaigrette Carrots and Raisins embedded in baby leaves
  3. Avocado, beet root, mozarella cheese with baked paprika embedded in baby leaves
  4. Steamed pumpkins with walnuts
  5. (Sauce) Mayonnaise with yoghurt, lemon and English mustard













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