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Baking Class with my neice | パン教室

My niece who has turned 13, no longer a small little baby girl has stared to share interest in ‘cooking and baking’ and this is a glimpse of our 1st baking class. Upon her request, baking class leaped to an advance course of making croissants. I was not sure how she would perform or enjoy the class but I think she did a great job considering it was her very first baking experience.

The items baked were –

  1. Flaky Croissants (自家製クロワッサン)
  2. Chocolate Croissants (チョコレートクロワッサン)
  3. Corn Buns with fresh corn kernels (フレッシュコーン入りコーンパン
  4. Rhubarb Crumble Cake (ルバーブ クランブル ケーキ)














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