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I’m back blogging….|久しぶりです….

It’s been a while blogging…

I’ve been quite disturbed over the past month or so, to admit that the US Presidential Election has kept me unfocused on the everyday things which I normally would do.

Although I no longer live in California, I’ve spend a good 15 plus years in the States and the unexpected outcome of the election has kept me to feel the pain of my Californian friends, their disappointment, fear and above all what to expect come January 20th 2017. The outcome, not much we can all do except move forward and the words of President Obama told his daughters are quite comforting to console our hearts as well.







So here are some of Dinner Menus which has been uploaded through my Instagram.

Wild natural Nameko (Mushroom) from my sister used for Nameko and Watercress Hot Pot


The nameko is a mushroom with a slippery gelatinous coating. It is quite often used for miso soup but when it comes as natural as what may sister has sent me…we love to do Namko + Watercress Hot Pot with some tofu and leeks.

A vegetarian dish.



Mukago Potatoes cooked with Rice


Mukago is also a very strange wild ingredient but it’s actually a petite potato. It’s seasonal and only seen during the autumn ~ early winter time. There is nothing difficult to make this mixed rice – just wash the Mukago and add it into the rice cooker just as if you would be making steam rice.




Rolled Thin Pork Belly with cilantros and enoki mushrooms


Using a thinly sliced pork belly, spread the pork belly flat into a paper towel size. Sprinkle a little bit of salt and pepper on the pork belly before placing fresh cilantros and separated enoki mushrooms. Roll it into a cylinder and tie it with kitchen cooking strings so it will not fall apart when cooking. Saute the pork belly roll with a little bit of oil, both sides and steam fry it for about 5 minutes with a lid on the pan to finish.






Pot-au-feu, a simple consomme based vegetable soup using sausage instead of beef.




Garden grown Shitake Mushrooms





Very Washoku Dinner


(Top left) Matsutake Mixed Rice | 松茸ごはん

(Top right) Braised Pork Steak | 厚切りポークステーキ 70℃調理

Overnight marinated thick pork steak, sauteed first and wrapped and soaked in a 70~80 degree hot pot. Meat becomes extremely tender.

(Center right) Komatsuna greens with fried atsuage tofu, washoku – nibitashi style | 小松菜と油揚げの煮浸し

(Bottom) Grilled homegrown shitake mushrooms and Shimonita leeks | 自庭栽培の椎茸と下仁田ネギ焼き








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