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Devouring homemade..Campagne | 自家製カンパーニュ

Pain de Campagne.

‘Country bread’ as what the French named this bread but these days it’s considered  as ‘healthy’ and/or an ‘organic’ bread amongst health freaks. Perhaps a very American way of thinking, to be honest not so much Japanese as refers to the consumption of ‘grains’ which are in fact are diverse and in variety with Japanese food than Western  foods.

Campagne, apparently uses about 15% of ‘rye (fine) flour’ which adds more flavor to the bread and bread texture, more so than healthiness – just my opinion.



今回はプレーンのカンパーニュとフィグ カンパーニュを焼いてみました。



Pain de Campagne, plain round loaf | カンパーニュ


A slice of Pain de Campagne with proscuitto, mozarella, soramame beans dressed with greens and tomatoes and flavored with a simple tomato sauce | カンパーニュスライスにプロシュート、モッツァレラ、空豆、トマトとシンプルなトマトソースで味付け


Pain de Campagne with white dry figs shaped into a loaf | 無花果入りカンパーニュ


Toasted Fig Campagne goes well with apricot jam, cream cheese. | 無花果カンパーニュはアプリコットジャムとクリームチーズと相性良い

If anyone is interested in ‘Campagne bread making’ THIS IS where to jump in for a Pain de Campagne recipe.

Pain de Campagne Break Making


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