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Beni-Shoga | Pink pickled ginger | 紅生姜

Did you know that making ‘sweet sour pickled ginger’ which we call ‘gari’ served free at sushi restaurants is extremely easy to make?
The pink sweet sour beni shoga, called ‘gari’ at sushi restaurants is made of young ginger root which comes out in spring…which is now.  It is unbelievably easy to make!!!!  The pickled ginger with vinegar is an extremely healthy food, the ginger acts as a detox of the body and also warms the body, regulating the circulation of blood within your body.
By the way….the reason ‘gari’ is served at sushi restaurants is for sterilization and removal of fishy smell from the various fresh fish sushi served.




































Young Ginger Root | 新生姜 ……about 2 roots

Rice Vinegar| 米酢 ……. 360ml

Sugar | 砂糖 ……. 90g ~ 120g (upon your taste of sweetness)

Salt | 塩 ……. 36g

  1. Wash the ginger and remove any dirty skin. Slice the fresh ginger with a slicer into thin slices.
  2. In a saucepan bring the rice vinegar, sugar and salt to boiling point.
  3. Once it comes to boiling point, pour it over the fresh thinly sliced ginger and mix well, marinating the ginger with the sweet vinegar. The ginger should turn pink from the hot vinegar.
  4. Store the pickles refrigerated.


  1. 新生姜はキレイに洗い、きたない皮はナイフの背で削り落としておきましょう。スライサーを使い、新生姜を薄くスライス。
  2. 米酢、砂糖、塩をお鍋で煮きります。沸騰させたら、生姜の上にまんべんなくかけます。生姜がキレイなピンク色の変わっていきます。
  3. 瓶やタッパーで冷蔵保存しましょう。















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