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Summer Enzyme Juice | 夏の酵素ジュース

Plum (Ume) + Sour Plum (Sumomo) +  Loquat (Biwa)

All of these 3 fruits come out staggered.

First the loquat (biwa), then followed by the plum (ume) and finally the sour plum (sumomo). All three combined makes a wonderful fruit enzyme syrup so I’ve been waiting for the thin window of timing to get all these fruits fresh. This seemed to be the week which I was able to get all 3.




枇杷はすっかりと出始めているし、梅もそれをおっかけ、すもも?見当たらず 今日やっと恵比寿の昔ながらの八百屋さんで遭遇。







Making the enzyme juice is simple –

  1. Wash the fruit thoroughly and remove the tiny (leftover) stem from all the fruit.
  2. Dry off the fruit.
  3. Sterilize the clean jar with strong alcohol.
  4. Add 100% of white sugar, making a milfiu of fruit and white sugar.
  5. In a day or two the syrup will start to emerge, mix once a day.
  6. The juice will take up to about a month to make.




After 2 weeks….. the enzymes come to life!  Providing ‘air’ now and then. (just mixing..lol)

























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