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Apricot or Plum..which Jam? | 杏か梅?

Apricots and ripe Ume both in season.

Harvest of apricots come with at a very short window, possibly a 2-3 weeks during the middle ~ end of June, suddenly disappears from the market.

Not to miss my annual chores, my apricots are reserved from a fruit farm in Nagano (‘Kitahara Farm’). The farm combines apricots of Harcot and Showa apricots which I think are suitable for jam making.

Making Apricot Jam link here.

















Ripe Ume (Kanjyuku Nankou Ume) from Wakayama Prefecture

There are so many recipes of ‘how to make UME / PLUM’ jam.

My attempt this year was to make a vivid color jam in which attempted a different approach, freezing the plum first before cooking.




Here the simple process and recipe.

4 kg of ripe (kanjyuku) Ume

1kg of white sugar

  1. Wash and clean the plum removing the brown skin and parts.
  2. Keep the plum soaked in water for about half a day.
  3. Dry off the plum.
  4. Freeze the plum.
  5. Thaw the plum.
  6. Separate the pulp and seed.
  7. Add 35% of white sugar (more if to your liking) and cook over medium heat. Continue stirring, remove the froth and be careful not to burn the jam (at the bottom), approx. 30 minutes or so.
  8. Sterilize the jar before use.


Other method of making Ume Jam is here.









    • The plum is the sour plum (umeboshi) which we call it ‘nankobai’. I am not sure if you can get if fresh outside Japan but if you ever come across Japanese plums for making umeboshi…that’s the one! for this jam making method.


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