Year: 2018

Fruit Jelly + Yoghurt Mousse|ヨーグルトムースとすももゼリーのコラボ

On a hot summer day… when kids come to play with grandpa’s …. grandma makes one of the children’s favorite dessert. 酷暑の週末、、、 我が家の3階のバルコニーでは子供達のプール開き。 夏に生まれの孫、、#3。 1歳になるお誕生日ケーキには「ヨーグルトムースとすももゼリー」。     <Yoghurt Mousse> Sugar-free Yoghurt · · · 150 g Granulated Sugar ····· 40 g Fresh Cream ····· 100 g ★ Powder gelatin · · · 5 g ★ Water ····· 25 g Kirsch wine | 5 g or your favorite liquor or spirits <Top Layer Fruit Jelly> Sumomo juice · · · 200g or any fruit juice ☆ Granulated sugar · · · 20 g ☆ Agar ····· 6 g Grapes and mangoes and blueberries (your favorite fruits)   <Yogurt Mousse> Dissolve the gelatin into cold water and set for 15 minutes. Add the fresh cream, granulated sugar, your favorite liquor, beat until the sugar dissolves and cream nice and fluffy. Melt the softened gelatin in a microwave oven, but DO NOT boil. Put the yoghurt in another bowl, add the gelatin and mix. Filter the yogurt and add it to the cream bowl, mix well.  Pour into …

jamming season…apricot works |6月の杏ジャム作り

This cooking file backdates to the end of June when ‘apricots’ were in full season. (PS….Gee…apologies…it’s already mid-August. ) Anyway, this is my annual ‘apricot work’ which is never missed nor never neglected, apricots jam being one of my husband’s favorite jams. 6月末に「杏」シーズンは終わり、ブログを出さずに、、すでに真夏の8月です。(恥) 毎年欠かさずに作っている「杏」ジャムやコンポート。すでに着々とケーキになったり、夏のゼリーの食材になったりと楽しませてくれる「杏」です。 ジャムもコンポートも作り方は決して難してくありません。綺麗な色のジャムが出来上がりますよ。     Apricots split in half, sugar sprinkled and stewed to ‘jam’ thickness.       This is an APRICOT COMPOTE. Apricot stirred in syrup at low heat. Once the apricots seem cooked, it is basically done.  Make sure that the jars are well sterilized and seal the jam over boiling hot water for better preservation.             Apricot Jam Recipe Apricot 100% (Example 1 kg of Apricots) Crystal or Brown Sugar 20% of weight of Apricot (200g) Lemon Juice – 1 per 1kg of Apricots (1 Lemon) For the Jam Wash the apricots and remove any rotten parts. Drop the apricots in boiling water for approximately 15 seconds to sterilize from surface skin bacteria. Slice the apricot into half and remove the seed. Accurately weigh …

a summer day..hiking…Nishizawa Gorge(Keikoku)|西沢渓谷ハイキング

It’s a  ‘hot’ summer, rather an ‘extremely hot’ summer. Japan, like the other countries has been encountering, perhaps due to the global warming, days over 35C continuing since early July. Outdoor activities tend to be quite dangerous from high heat but luckily, this day, August 7th was like a crevasse between the hot temperature and typhoon and a perfect hiking day with the kids, my lovely nieces and nephews and my lovely sister. 酷暑と台風の繰り返しの日々が続いています。 台風13号が上陸するか、しないか、という8月7日、私の妹と姪達と甥と一緒に「西沢渓谷」に行ってきました。東京は雨模様で台風の上陸まじか。山梨、西沢渓谷はラッキーにちょうど低気圧と高気圧のクレバスのような場所になっており、、気温も20度前後。山歩きには最高の日となりました。 西沢渓谷は勝沼ICからフルーツラインを抜けて約60分程度、東京からは車アクセスがとてもいい場所です。初級者向けのハイキングコースで渓流の脇を通りながら10本の滝を通過しながらいく、夏でもとっても涼しいコースです。   Nishizawa Gorge is one of the most beautiful gorges of the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, covering over 1250 square kilometers of densely forested mountains, dynamic gorges and crystal clear rivers in the prefecture of Yamanashi. It is a hiking course along the river, the trail takes approximately 3.5 hours to complete, along side with the 10 waterfalls spotted during the trail.                         保存保存 保存保存

jamming season…ume works

It’s already July, unexpected early arrival of summer (over 2~3 weeks) and departure of a short ‘rainy season’ which depicts an reflection in change climate. Temperatures are soaring to a level beyond body temperature of 36 degrees celsius (all over Japan) and the trend is an annual recurring tendency. Consequently, the harvest of fruits and my jamming works has been bumped up, at least over 2~3 weeks. Nevertheless, June and July being one of busiest jamming season, on being the use of Japanese plums, which we call ‘ume’. It is a sour plum which is used in numerous washoku dishes and no doubt ‘ume’ comprises our basis of our history, culture and Japanese nationality, our identity. Sa-Shi-Su Umeboshi |さしす梅干 ’Umeboshi’ is an authentic Japanese pickles which I am most certain you have encountered at Japanese restaurants or peeking out from the rice balls, ‘onigiri’, a extremely sour pickle made from the Japanese plum called the ‘ume’. The Sa-Shi-Su Umeboshi is not a traditional process but a easy short cut cooking which I’ve made this year and …

Bread series | White Bread |食パン生地でお楽しみパン

The regular sandwich loaf, it’s dough can be reshaped into many different type of tasty breads. This white bread dough, the British Loaf dough can is an egg free ingredient which suits well with ‘egg allergy’ toddlers. Indeed… these breads were made for my little munchkins (grandchildren), two among three still struggling to overcome  ‘egg’ allergy. 食パン生地は食パンだけではなく、いろいろな形や味のパンに変身させることが可能です。特に「卵アレルギー」を持つお子様には適している生地。我が家も3人の内、2人の孫が「卵アレルギー」を克服中。年と共に改善されているみたいですが、、たくさん食べる場合はやはりエッグフリーが安心ですよね。 Gobo (Burdock) and Carrot Epi | ごぼうと人参のエピ Burdock and carrots integrated into the dough to make the typical French ‘epi’. The small pieces, easy to divide makes it a perfect for children or even picnic outings. The fillings can be anything of your children’s favorites, staying away from too watery ingredients, which makes it difficult to shape the bread.   Sweet Potato Twist Bread |サツマイモのツイストパン Steamed sweet potatoes integrated into the dough and twisted. The sweeter the potatoes, the better the taste. Sweet, yet the child stays healthy from natural food.                               保存保存 保存保存 保存保存

Bread series – Baguette Bread Dough | バゲット生地のパン

The French “baguette dough” is most likely the challenging bread doughs but once mastered, I considered it to be most practical. The dough marries well with a lot of variable ingredients – fruit, nuts, seeds, cheese and many more which adds a different flavor to the breakfast or dinner table   我が家で一番よく作られるのが「バゲット」生地。 捏ね上げる作業も力ずくでなく、オーバーナイト冷蔵発酵、生地は冷たいまま成形、最終発酵も他のパンに比べると短時間。「バゲット」生地の製法の手順になれると作りやすい生地であることは間違いなしです。 バゲット生地はドライフルーツ、ナッツ、シード、チーズ、などなど、、、いろいろな食材を美味しく包み込んでくれる生地です。バゲットだけでも小麦の深い味わいがしますがいろいろなものを織り込んで作っておくて朝食、食卓が華やかになるパンで重宝するパン生地です。         Apricot and Cream Cheese Batard | 杏とクリームチーズのバタール *ドライフルーツはヨーグルトつけておくと柔らかくパンに織り込んだ時もパン生地の水分を取らずに織りこめます *Dry fruits (Apricot) soaked in yoghurt overnight will soften the fruit, well suitable for integration within the dough.         Baguette Recipe  準薄力粉|Bread Flour (100%) 750g  塩|Salt (2.1%) 15.75g  ドライイースト|Dry Yeast (0.4%) 2.8g  モルトパウダー|Malt Powder (0.6%) 1.5g  水|Water (71%) 532.5g  バゲット レシピ  準薄力粉・・(100%)・・・・750g 塩・・・・・・(2.1%)・・・15.75g ドライイースト・・(0.4%)・・・・2.8g モルトパウダー・・(0.6%)・・・・1.5g 水・・・・・・・・(56%)・・・・420g  コントレックス水・(14%)・・・・105g QUICK BAKING SUMMARY <MIX | ミキシング> Mix – 15~20min rest – Fold – 15~20min rest – Fold  <1st PROOF | 発酵> Overnight Or <1st PROOF | 発酵> 4~6C for approx. 10~24 hours Or 1 hour @ 28C / 82F <SHAPING | 分割・成形> Baguette 280g Batard 350g Long Baguette 350g <BENCH TIME | ベンチタイム> 15~20 minutes <FINAL PROOF | 最終発酵> …

Bread series – Tosado Bread | トッサード・パン

I’ve been baking, on and off, randomly but back baking breads; although not enough posts. (sorry..) I will attempt to run a ‘Bread series’,  a collection of my breads which may be mostly photographic pix but share my love and inspiration to ‘homemade bread-making’.   ブログの投稿が少なくて、すいません。 パン作りは徐々に再開。 酵母の作り、こまめに頻度を増やしていっています。 画像が多めにはなりますが備忘録としても「ブレッドシリーズ」をやってみたいと思います。

Banana Carrot Muffin | バナナ・キャロット・マフィン

Banana muffins being one of my favorites, the bananas come in handy but seemingly with a glimpse….they start go ripe and not quite scrumptious for fresh consumption, that’s when they go into the muffin at a perfect match and timing. With the banana muffin, chocolate chips tend to be one of my regular ingredients (which you can never go wrong) but today feeling slightly creative, explored to find a different partner…hum! maybe…carrots. I grated (shredded) the carrots and tried mixing it into the banana muffin.

Apple Claufoutis | アップル・クラフティ

Apples are slowly disappearing until come next winter. The early birds (year harvest) start appearing around the end of August ~ early October, which implicates that the rest -non-sesasonal apples sold in stores are probably kept in storage. Being a fruit lover, ‘Apple Claufoutis‘ is one of my husband’s favorite cakes (pies?).  He prefers more fruit than batter so I tend to increase the proportion of fruit than than the normal recipe. The Apple Cloufoutis is so simple, nobody can get this wrong. The recipe is here to click!   「林檎」大好き。リンゴはいつの時期でもスーパーで切らすことなく売られていますが、、実は8月〜10月が収穫時期なのですよね。保存技術がよほどいいのか、質のいいリンゴは一年中手に入ります。(ありがたいことに) フルーツ大好きな主人の大好物の一つとも言える「アップルクラフティ」。我が家のアップルクラフティはアップルの量の方が生地より多いのが特徴。どちらかというとアップルの間に生地が少々ある、、リンゴ焼きケーキです。 レシピ、作り方、いたって簡単です。ご興味のある方はこちらからレシピリンク。                                   Slide show of ‘Making Apple Claufoutis’ |アップルクラフティの作り方         保存保存 保存保存 保存保存 保存保存 保存保存 保存保存