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Home-baked Breads | 自家製パン

Baking homemade breads fills the room with a nice scent of fresh baked bread, readily out from the oven especially during the cold winter months.

Since I like my breads to ferment (proof) and expand over a slow and long period of time, I let them stay in the refrigerator or the coldest area of the house (around 5C) and ferment them overnight before I take it to the final stages of final proofing and baking.

Most all of the bread recipes can be seen through the past bread making links, if of interest.




Pain de Campagne (カンパーニュ)

  • Plain campagne (left) | プレーンカンパーニュ
  • Camapagne filed with walnuts and raisin (middle two loafs) | クルミとレーズンのカンパーニュ
  • Campagne filled with cheese (right) | チーズカンパーニュ




French Breads (Baguette Doughs) | フランスパン、バゲット生地

  • Sesame Batard | セサミバタード
  • Epi (with bacon, black olives and cheese)| エピ(ベーコンとブラックオリーブとチーズ)
  • Cheese Baguette| チーズバゲット
  • Plain Baguette| バゲット







Pain de Campagne

  • Plain campagne | プレーンカンパーニュ
  • Camapagne filled with figs | いちじくのカンパーニュ
  • Camapgne filled with cranberries | クランベリーのカンパーニュ








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