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Invisible Cake with rhubarb & blueberries | ガトー・インビジブル ブルーベリーとルバーブ


暑さ、寒さもお彼岸までといいますが今年は天候不順で東京は雨が多かった夏。台風が通過するたびに猛暑(酷暑)。 Read More

quick cooking…Spare Ribs | 時短…スペアリブ

Chicken, beef or pork.

I must admit, I tend to be take the ‘slow cooking process’. Most of my everyday cooking veers towards a ‘slow cooking’, chosen ingredients are prepared days in advance, often stored deep inside my ‘chilled section’ of my fridge before it comes on to the dinner table. Read More

fresh corn kernels…Corn Bread | 夏のフレッシュ・コーンブレッド

DSC_0006 2

Fresh corn comes abundant during the summer time. I love steaming it for about 4 to 5 minutes leaving a few layers of the outer skin which lets the corn stay fresh for a couple more days than steaming it naked. Read More