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Seasonal Spring Food | 春の食材

On a cloudless sunny day………we decided to adventure north, about a two hour or so drive up north which will take you to Gunma prefecture – one of the leading producers and suppliers of vegetables in the country and Tokyo district.
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Devouring homemade..Campagne | 自家製カンパーニュ

Pain de Campagne.

‘Country bread’ as what the French named this bread but these days it’s considered  as ‘healthy’ and/or an ‘organic’ bread amongst health freaks. Read More

Homemade…Freezer Friendly Pizza | 自家製….冷凍ピザ

Making pizzas are not difficult, yet delivery pizzas come super convenient and super fast.  Domino Pizza, Pizza Hut, Pizza-La…many many more, yes!, the Japanese also love pizza occasionally but not everyday. The downside is (I think) it’s rather expensive compared to the other western countries. Read More

Food 4 Spring | 春の食卓

Spring seems just around the corner.

Early morning walk with the our little doggie becomes warmer as days pass, turning to a daily check up on the ‘cherry blossoms’ which grow along the riverbed. Day by day, one by one, each buds start to revive from hibernation, some at the verge to blossom, some yet asleep.

Few more warm days will awaken everyone single bud, the entire tree transforming into to fully flowered tree, the cheery blossom tree, a one of a kind.

Spring brings about seasonal foods – speciality such as the ‘wild vegetables’, ‘firefly squid’, ‘sea clams’, etc.etc. to our Japanese food table, most all of spring foods come with either a strong scent or a strong energy,  a strength of life.

Some below to see the authenticity of ‘Spring’ Japanese food.








Mix Rice with Firefly Squid and Seri (Japanese Parsley) | ほたるイカとセリの炊き込みご飯


Seafood Paella | パエリア (Linked to Recipe)

a Typical Japanese Household Dinner

追伸 : ちなみにニシンは今年は豊作の年らしいです。北海道で昔のように水揚げされているらい。



Cheese Curry Bread | 焼きチーズカレーパン

‘Cheese Curry Bread’, a recipe trial from one of my favorite bakery chef. His shop is located in a residential area of Takanawa (near Shinagawa Station) which his link to fb site – BOULANGERIE SEIJI ASAKURA. He seems to be French Bread baker studied in France and opened up his own shop in the posh residential area of Tokyo. Read More