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Cheese Curry Bread | 焼きチーズカレーパン

‘Cheese Curry Bread’, a recipe trial from one of my favorite bakery chef. His shop is located in a residential area of Takanawa (near Shinagawa Station) which his link to fb site – BOULANGERIE SEIJI ASAKURA. He seems to be French Bread baker studied in France and opened up his own shop in the posh residential area of Tokyo. Read More

Opening a CRAFT SHOP | クラフトショップ開設

I am opening a ‘my own’ craft shop within this website.

The craft goods are all (my) ‘handmade’, fabric art, knitting, crochet and patchwork, etc.etc. which I love investing time on to add a spice of creativity into my daily life. Read More

danish pastry – Pain aux raisin | パン オ レザン

One of my cooking agendas of the year –

How can I simplify bread making ?

Danish pastries, croissants..these buttery breads are most probably one among the breads favored by a majority. Read More

Banana Chocolate Ganache Pastry |チョコレート・バナナ ペーストリー

Hi, there ! with a bit of shyness from my absence of blogging.

It’s the first blog of 2017….. (already it’s February)

Not to worry that I’ve been keeping well….

no excuses….just gone really lazy on blogging.

I’ve started to redesign my blog to encourage myself to blog more. Read More