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Pain De Campagne

Pain de Campagne Parade| カンパーニュ パレード

Baguettes are handy breads to master at home, so goes for Pain de campagne  also called “the French Sourdough, a country bread”. I find this bread goes well with the pâtés and meat and serves well also as a picnic sandwich bread. Blended with fruits and various type of nuts and since it can accommodate a variety of blends of flour, it come second to mastering this bread at home (at least for me). バゲットに引き続き、、自宅でマスターしたいのが『カンパーニュ』。 カンパーニュはパテや肉にとっても合うパンでパーティーの時のカナッペに使ったり、クロックムッシュを作ってたりするのに便利なパン。サンドウィッチにしても、、オシャレでヘルシーに見えるパンです。作り手としては粉の種類も調合をかえてもあまりビクビクすることなく作れるのでマスターできるととっても重宝するパンです。 クープがパカーン!と割れるのがとっても気持ち良く、食卓に飾っておくと多少下手な料理も見映えがしてしまう風貌です(笑)。 Pain de campagne with walnuts (クルミ入りのカンパーニュ) Pain de campagne with cheddar cheese (チェダーチーズ入りのカンパーニュ) Pain de campagne with rum raisin fruits (ラムレーズン入りのカンパーニュ) Pain de campagne with cream cheese and syrup apricots (クリームチーズとアプリコットを入れて、、プチパン カンパーニュ) Campagne Recipe – (Plain recipe using rye flour) Bread Flour (80%) 500g Rye Flour (20%) 125g Salt (2%) 12.5g Dry Yeast (1%) 6.25g Water (60%) 375g Unless you are using a yeast specifically instructed without need for pre-fermentation, mix the dry yeast and let it dilute and ferment in warm water for about 15 minutes before use. Mix the bread flour, rye flour and salt. If you are using dry yeast, …


Homemade ‘Baguettes’ | 自家製バゲット

I’ve been meaning to put up this baguette recipe post for a long long time but since I personally am constantly evolving to improve my ‘baguette’ techniques, I have never come to a point to post this with confidence and assurance. I’ve been constantly making ‘baguettes’ (French breads) since god knows…..probably a decade by now but I cannot seem to solve just one problem which bothers me. My current agenda it for the coupe crum to open (curl back) as like a thin mountain like ridge (skin rolling back) like in this picture. I can only detect the reason to be with the steam which I have to manually insert with our gas oven at home, but I also think the shaping process may also play a vital role in the perfect of baguette making. Anyway, making French breads and baguettes is one of my addictions. The taste of baguettes differ enormously with the selection of bread flour which come in handy to home bakers at Japanese web sites for bread makers. Being able to …


Bread Making – Corn Buns | コーンパン作り

Having had received numerous and kind requests for a bread making lesson, this year I would like to introduce some of my personal bread makings through this blog site. I will start with one of the elementary – easy bread making techniques and increase the lessons to my more intricate one. The ‘WHITE (dry) YEAST BREAD’ is a good entry to bread making. Dinner rolls, white fluffy buns, hamburger and hot dog buns….these fall all into this category of bread-making and once mastered guaranteed your desire and creativity will bloom to explore variations which can be derived from this basic technique of bread-making. This lesson will cover how to make ‘corn buns’ which is a simple dinner roll with corn kernels. First of all, I will introduce few kitchen tool essentials for bread-making. 初心者でもできるようなパンをブログアップして下さいというリクエストのおこたえして、今日は『コーンパン』の作り方を分かり易く解説していきたいと思います。 まずはパン作りに必要な道具からの紹介です。 【KITCHEN TOOLS – 道具】 ①計量器 : 必ず必要です。1/100の単位まで計れると理想的です。 Scale : Must have an accurate scale, preferably to the decimals of 1/100. ② 温度/湿度計 : 発酵温度をなるべく一定に保つ必要があるのでこれも必ず必要です。 Thermometer/Hygrometer : To maintain a constant temperature especially during proofing. ③ スケッパー : プラスチック製が使いやすい。 A plastic scrapper or a …