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Irresistible are they? Cinnamon Rolls | シナモンロール

Cinnamon Rolls could be one of few irresistible bread rolls including myself. Do you agree – that think most people love cinnamon rolls? I remember way back (when?) my first encounter with American fast food culture included frozen cinnamon rolls when I used to be an Irish schoolgirl visiting my aunt in San Antonio, Texas during summer vacation.  MacDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, Mexican fajitas….it was a shocking site for a country girl who lived in Cork, Ireland; in a peaceful land of Celt with cattles and vast meadows. The closest to fast food was…I recall ‘fish and chips’. Oops…getting back to subject of cinnamon rolls… Now, Starbucks make great cinnamon rolls…this irresistible food is definitely American food and I continually and time to time pick up people’s recipes to explore the greatest cinnamon rolls recipe, like having a secret weapon in my recipe book. Unfortunately…..Not quite there yet, though for the road to continue, but this recipe is an interesting recipe.  It’s not as goowy but a nice cinnamon bun made out of brioche …

DSC_0006 (7)

Natural Yeast Fruit Scone | 天然酵母フルーツスコーン

This is my scone using yeast (natural yeast). It is made exactly like a normal (baking powder) scone but  left in a warm environment for over 12 hours before it goes in the oven. The rise of the dough is helped by the yeast and produces a ‘bread-like scone’. To add flavour to the scone, I use rum soaked dry fruits and the amount of fruit can be varied according to each one’s taste. It may be time consuming but it’s different type of scone or maybe…it should not be called a scone but a ‘bread scone’. 昨日に続き、、スコーンの連載です。 我家の『天然酵母のスコーン』です。天然酵母は主にホシノを使っています。パンと同じ様に長時間発酵を促しているので生地はパンっぽいスコーンに仕上がります。フルーツはラム酒漬けのフルーツをお好みで調整すれば、ぎっしりフルーツが詰まったちょっとフルーツケーキっぽいスコーンも出来上がりますよ。   This is an experimental Chai Scone. The Chai aroma is yet to subtle….needs to be stronger as I’ve forgotten to pursue……oops. I think I tried Early Grey Scones as well. これはテストした、、『チャイスコーン』。もう少し風味が強い方が良かった。しかし、完成せずに忘れて放置されています(笑)。確か、、『アールグレイ茶入りのスコーン』もやってみた覚えが。。。(笑) Natural Yeast Fruit Scone Recipe – 200 g strong flour 200 g cake flour 4.8g salt 64g sugar 160 grams butter, cold and cubed 104 ml milk 24g egg yolk 160g natural yeast liquid or 6g of dry yeast 150 g rum soaked dry …


4 Scone lovers….Lemon Kinkan Scone | レモン金柑スコーン

Having spent my childhood in Ireland with a strong English culture, I just love making scones and have so many scone recipes which I’ve tried but found most to be floury and dry (including my English scone recipe from home economic school days) as according to my husband’s critiques. Since he is not a lover of shortbread or biscuits, I can understand why. He often express that it’s like eating ‘sand’ when too floury and dry. Thus… I developed an ‘original scone recipe made out of natural yeast’ which has been our house recipe. Since I’m using yeast (natural yeast) it is more like a bread scone rather a true scone to me. But…. This scone made from an original recipe which comes from one of my reader’s link site (pastry affairs) – I found this new recipe to be soft and moisty, more moisty than the Starbucks scones and unlike my original (yeast) scone recipe, this can be made in a snap and will probably take any type of fruit – dry or fresh. …


Blueberry Yoghurt Muffins | ブルーベリー ヨーグルト マフィン

An extremely simple, quick to make homemade ‘Blueberry Muffins’. It may be hard to believe but ‘MUFFINS’ are not regular items you may see at bakeries here in Tokyo, incomparable as to when I used to live in Los Angeles. Muffins used to be my favorites for breakfast accompanied with a cafe latte and the LA blueberry muffins were just humongous. Muffins….really  not difficult to make. When producing my own original recipe, I always go the very organic and healthy route with no butter and low sugar and lots of blueberries; which are below. A petite size are nice to have especially for children’s snacks. ブルーベリーのシロップ漬けが常備されていれば、とっても簡単にできるブルーベリー・マフィン。ロサンゼルスに住んでいた頃は巨大なマフィンが大好きでした。アメリカはマフィン大国でベーカリーにはパンよりマフィンの数々、それもかなりのボリューム感があり一回では食べきれず何回にも分けて食べれる位大きかった記憶があります。日本には巨大マフィンがなくとも、パン屋さんはマフィンよりも美味しいパンが沢山あるのでムリもありませんが。 フルーツ入りの洋風お茶菓子は主人の好物の一つでもあるので我家はマフィンやらスコーンやら、、比較的常備されております。 一番簡単なレシピでヨーグルトを使いヘルシーレシピを公開。 ご興味のある方、お子さんのいらっしゃる方、、是非作ってみて。 Blueberry Yoghurt Muffins Recipe (makes 6 large) 【A】 1 large egg 240ml yoghurt 80ml rapeseed oil 【B】 260g flour 70g sugar 50g almond powder 1 + 1/2teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt 【C】 270g blueberry (syrup) OR 170g blueberry + chocolate chips Combine the 【A】ingredients with a beater/mixer. Combine the 【B】ingredients and sift well. Combine the 【A】ingredients with 【B】with a spatula, lifting the …

Christmas Stollen

Stollen | シュトーレン

I’ve managed to bake my annual (supposed to be Chirstmas) ‘Stollen’, really late. I mean really late but hey….I made it by New Years; and thanks to my dear friends who await for my Stollen even past the season. My friends often ask me whether I’m back baking on a regular basis. Yes and no. I’m not baking like a ‘baking freak’ hindered by unexpected commitments  but I hope to be. Stollen uses a lot of dry fruits – aging the raisins, sultanas, currants, cranberry, apricots, figs, orange and lemon all soaked in rum and brandy for over a year before using. It’s way past festivity time but I hope you enjoy at least the photos. 去年のクリスマスに間に合わず、、お正月間際に作った『シュトーレン』。 毎年数人の方が待ちわている季節のお菓子で今年はいろいろな事があった為、とてもクリスマスには間に合わずでした。でも、この為に熟成させていたフルーツ。レーズン、サルタナ、カレンツ、クランベリー、アプリコット、フィグ、オレンジやレモン。濃厚なラム酒やブランデーに一年間漬け込み出番を待ったいました。 今年はバター不足でちょっとこまりましたが何とか発酵バターを入手することが出来、『シュトーレン』が嫌いな方もこの『シュトーレン』の概念を変えましたと御礼の言葉を頂いきました(自画自賛、、ですネ)。


my homemade Granola Bars | グラノーラ・フェア

Granola bars are one of many favorite snacks. Somehow the idea of using multiple and variety of grains, fibers, fruit and nuts instantly makes me less guilty to eat as a snack. I can’t figure out why (health freak?) but I tend to instantly react to any kind of photos of granola bars or natural all-grain and fruit bars or even vegetarian muffins or cakes. I still have few recipes to be tested but to reveal few of my recipes which have been branded ‘SAVE RECIPE’ . Some recipe tend to be loose (breakable and less flour), some are more packed with fruit, some are ginger based to warm the body. All have a purpose in my own lifestyle but hey! no excuses, I am just a natural food lover, ‘granola’ addict. Granola lovers, give it a try and let me know how some turns out. 私のグラノーラ・レシピを公開します。 『カントリー・グラノーラ』は標準タイプで粉をあまり使わずに使っているのでやや、もろく割れ易いタイプです。 『グラノーラ・ラーラバー』はソフトタイプでフルーツをベースに作り上げていくタイプ。 『生姜入りグラノーラ・バー』は文字通り、生姜をたっぷり入れたグラノーラ・バーです。 やや、固めでシロップ漬けの生姜をたっぷり使って、体を温める効果を期待しているレシピです。 どれも、同じ様な雑穀を使って作り方も決して難しくはありません。 自然派にはたまらないレシピだと思います、、是非試して感想を頂けると幸いです。 Country Granola Bar Country Granola Bar Recipe – 2 cups Rolled oats 3/4 cup Bran 1/2 cup Black sesame Kinako 1/2 cup …


Laduree‘s Sables Viennois | サブレ・ヴィエノワ

On a gloomy and cold winter day, glancing through one of my favorite cooking book published by LADUREE, a macaron and pastry house; the sweets book (Laduree | Sucre) is just absolutely beautiful, the creativity very French and the pastries and sweets simply gorgeous. This is one recipe I picked up – Sables Viennois, relatively simple to make but hard to shape. Even if it doesn’t look good, a consolation, it tastes delightful. Give it a try? 日々いろいろなものを作っていると、、ついつい作るものがパターン化してくる傾向があります。美しいものを見ると『それを作ってみたい』という気力が湧いてくるものです。 そんな気分にしてくれるのがこのラデュレ(Laduree)のスィーツのレシピ本です。 本をめくっているだけでお店に買いに行きたくなりますし、一瞬パティシエになって作れる様な幸せな気にさせてくれます。どのお菓子も手が凝っていて外に出れない日にはもってこいの創作物ですが、、今日は一番簡単そうなサブレを作ってみました。作るのは簡単でした。でも生地の堅さと室温の兼ね合いが微妙で最後の形にするのが意外に難しかった。味は?もちろん、レシピ通りですので美味です。ご興味のある方は是非お試しあ〜れ。   Laduree Recipe Sables Viennois – 75g powdered sugar 190g butter Pinch of salt 225g flour 30g egg whites Vanilla essence Piping bag with 4mm mouthpiece ①Cut the butter in small cubes and soften the butter over hot water. Once the butter is soft, whisk combined with salt, vanilla essence, powdered sugar and egg whites. Whisk well until mixture is white and fluffy. ②Preheat the oven to 150C/300F. ③Sieve the flour and mix to the mixture. ④Over a greasing paper, using a piping bag squeeze the mixture to a 4cm long, 3cm wide meandering biscuit …


Wafer Thin Almond Cookies | 薄焼きアーモンドクッキー

Almonds ! … irresistible food in our house. My husband just loves it….. ……even our little darling doggie loves it….. A slight noise from our almond cookie jar, attracts any one of the two; even both. This is a very simple recipe, a ‘Wafer Thin Almond Cookie’ using very less flour so it’s more for almond lovers than cookie-flour starch lovers. It stays crisp for a considerable amount of time and if you know that almonds are an ‘ANTI-AGING’ food, it becomes quite addictive and the guilty fades instantly to eat one slice per day for a good reason, to keep you young and beautiful !!!! アーモンドは我家の危険な好物の一つです。 『美容と老化防止にいい』と聞くとローストアーモンドは限りなく消費してしまいたくなりますが、一日23粒以上は太る傾向にありますよ。 しかし数えるほどマメではありません、、我家の主とワンは。 手軽で簡単に作れるアーモンドクッキー。 この薄いパリパリなアーモンドスライスはクッキージャー (JAR)に入れておくと日持ちもとっても良いいですよ〜。 Wafer Thin Almond Cookies – 40g sugar 50g flour 2 eggs 145g almond slices Vanilla essence ①Combine sugar and egg and whisk well until mixture is white and fluffy. ②Add the flour to the mixture and roasted almond slices (pre-roast for 10 minutes at 160c/320f) and then the vanilla essence. ③With a large spoon, drop the mixture on a baking pan, carefully separating …


For Scone lovers….Cinnamon Scone Bread | シナモンスコーンブレッド

This is my version of a ‘Cinnamon Scone Bread’ which is irresistible for scone lovers. Inspired by a recipe which I picked up at Food 52, a great attractive cooking site. It is sort of like a scone biscuit, not exactly like the soft scone fermented overnight with natural yeast which I is one of my husband’s favorites but his recipe combined with the streusel filling is unique in its own. I love the idea of layering it with streusel which I will probably make my own favorite filling in due course. This is how it looks in the pan before it goes into the oven. Dimensional photo…… This is my original recipe – Fruit scone fermented overnight with natural yeast; which is like a scone bread  (for say..). Food 52 – Cinnamon Scone Bread Recipe


Weekend Bread Bakery

My weekend breads which I make for my small group of friends. My homemade bread baking goes back ….oh gosh…..over 10 years. Breads could be a time consuming process (at times) but I got totally addicted to the organic reaction of ‘fermentation’ which to think of it…a lot of Japanese food such as MISO, SOYSAUCE, SAKE are also produced from the process. My breads uses YEASTS and NATURAL DERIVED YEASTS which I hope to introduce at due course in my future blogs. A distinctive process of my bread-making is leaving it overnight to proof in the fridge which makes the bread soft and moist compared to a ultra-speed yeast boost.   Croque Monsieur Soft boiled egg, ham and cheese baked on a English Muffin Bun, served as a light lunch snack.   EGG NESTED MUFFIN Soft boiled egg nested inside a English Muffin dough.     CRANBERRY SCONES My scones is sort of a moist bread scone, proofed at least 24 hours with yeast (or natural yeast) and then refrigerated before it goes into the …