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Sweet Potato Paste (Yokan) | 芋羊羹

Once again, I’m back; back I hope to a normal regular life since I’ve been away for over a week to perform a ‘gallbladder removal surgery’. I am not certain as to the aftermath and my future diet but seemingly a large intake of oily products and food does not seem recommended as this organ basically disintegrates the oil. Well, I wasn’t much of a great oil eater anyway so…..I hope this will not affect what I loved and hope to continue to love.

Gelled Aduki Paste with Chestnuts 2 | 栗蒸し羊羹 パート2

  This is a ‘Gelled Aduki Paste with Chestnuts’ using the chestnuts prepared for marron glacé. The chestnuts are more dense and soaked deeply in syrup  which makes it a richer gelled aduki paste than the previous post on October 15th, athough the recipe is basically the same. same. マロングラッセ用に作った栗を使用した『栗蒸し羊羹』。 10月15日に投稿した『栗蒸し羊羹』の第2弾。 栗はマロングラッセ用の蜜度の高い栗を使用。 栗の甘さで食べる羊羹には小豆の砂糖は控えめにすると栗が一層引き立ちます。      

Gelled Aduki Paste with Chestnuts | 栗蒸し羊羹

This is a typical Japanese confectionery called ‘yokan’, a gelled aduki (red bean) paste. People who may not be familiar with ‘yokan’ – here is a link to a one of the most famous traditional maker of Japanese confectionery  ‘Toyora’ which also represent the artistry of Japanese confectionery.