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New Year’s multi-culture washoku | 2018年に願う「彩り」元旦

New Years Day, dinner. For us Japanese, New Year’s celebration is a traditional event, most likely THE important day of the year in which we celebrate the day with ‘traditional Japanese osechi’. If anyone of the readers are curious of what ‘osechi is?’, many sites will explain the meaning of some of the osechi dishes. This year I decided to venture out from the tradition to a somewhat non-tradtional ‘washoku cuisine’ to something which I call it ‘multi-cultured washoku’.

Spinach Ravioli | ほうれん草のラヴィオリ

Fresh ravioli with spinach blended into the pasta….. Blending vegetables into pasta dough is a very similar process when making different kinds of bread. The appearance, the texture, the taste; it’s a chemical reaction and the results are quite rewarding or sometimes a big mistake. Well, in bread-making you can never go wrong with spinach or broccoli or carrots or pumpkins so even with pastas it’s probably a safe border line to blend into the dough. The ravioli has a filling which I used for the tortellini but the sauce is a leftover menu – a ratatouille made into a puree sauce. 最近パスタマシンが収納庫からキッチンに出ているので、 たまには『ラヴィオリ』つくってみよぉ〜 と、、いつものエッグパスタを作って『生地にほうれん草の入ったラヴィオリ』を制作。 ほうれん草が入るととたんに生地の水分のバランスが難しくなり、パスタマシンで薄くのばすのもローラーに引っついてしまったり、ちょっと手こずり気味。手打ちうどんの感覚で力技で台の上でのばすのが失敗しない手法かもしれませんね。生地作りはどうも器具に慣れてしまうと手動で作る感覚を忘れがちで、パスタもそうだなぁ〜とついついパスタマシンに頼って、、頼りきってしまいます。パンも同じかな。 これから暑い季節に入っていくのでほそい〜冷製パスタの予行演習気分で。 Spinach Egg Pasta Recipe – 220g Semi-Soft Flour (used for French Bread) or 80% Strong Bread Flour + 20% Soft Wheat Flour 2 medium eggs 70g Boiled Spinach chopped finely or blended into a puree   Filling Recipe – 70g Veal 70g Port Loin 80g Raw Ham/Prosciutto 80g Parmigiano Cheese 1 large egg Nutmeg, salt and pepper   Sauce Recipe – Leftover Ratatouille blended into a puree sauce …