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jamming season…ume works

It’s already July, unexpected early arrival of summer (over 2~3 weeks) and departure of a short ‘rainy season’ which depicts an reflection in change climate. Temperatures are soaring to a level beyond body temperature of 36 degrees celsius (all over Japan) and the trend is an annual recurring tendency. Consequently, the harvest of fruits and my jamming works has been bumped up, at least over 2~3 weeks. Nevertheless, June and July being one of busiest jamming season, on being the use of Japanese plums, which we call ‘ume’. It is a sour plum which is used in numerous washoku dishes and no doubt ‘ume’ comprises our basis of our history, culture and Japanese nationality, our identity. Sa-Shi-Su Umeboshi |さしす梅干 ’Umeboshi’ is an authentic Japanese pickles which I am most certain you have encountered at Japanese restaurants or peeking out from the rice balls, ‘onigiri’, a extremely sour pickle made from the Japanese plum called the ‘ume’. The Sa-Shi-Su Umeboshi is not a traditional process but a easy short cut cooking which I’ve made this year and …

a Japanese ritual for new borns – “Okuisome” | お食い初め

This ceremony was first posted last year for our very first grandchild and time has come for our second grandchild, now turned over 100 days in which to celebrate her first taste of food – a traditional Japanese ritual called ‘okuisome’.

Summer Preserves & ‘Aubergine’ pâté | 茄子のパテ

The hot sun, the hot summer yields an abundant amount of summer vegetables. More than one can consume at once in a household. My friend from our ad agency days drops by now and then, very so often on a late Saturday after spending a full day at his ‘organic farm’.

Pickled Red Shiso Leaves | 赤シソの塩漬け

The rainy season is finally over to encounter a hazardous heat wave. It has been over 35C (95F) with humidity over 80 even 90 percent, a cruel weather continuing for at least a week or so and yet to continue until the middle of August so tourist contemplating to visit Tokyo should be well prepared to ‘sweat like mad’ – visit the natural Tokyo Sauna Habitat, guaranteed to loose a couple of unwanted pounds. (Think positive!!!) These thunderhead clouds are signs of very hot weather. 『梅雨明け10日』という言い伝えがある様ですが、、 『梅雨明けずっと』とおもうほど過酷な暑さが続きますね。 お仕事をされて方は通勤で大変。 家にいる方は外にも出る勇気が出ずに殺人的だと日々呟いております。(我家の主人?のこと、、笑)入道雲は日本の夏の風物とはもうおもえず、天気予報を見るたびに気象庁に憤りを感じずにはいられない日々です(笑)。 Even our little dog sleeps upside down to cool herself down. 我家のワンも28℃のエアコンの効いた室内でも熱を逃がすため、、上むきで寝ています。 Well getting back into the main topic…. After the rainy season comes Japanese plum making. The Japanese plum is called ‘umeboshi’, an authentic pickle which most every household stores in their refrigerator. Since the ‘umeboshi’ is pickled with ‘red shiso leaves’; this is the season to see ‘red shiso leaves’ which I was lucky to purchase a natural grown stem (no use of pesticide) from a farm. The shiso leaves can be used in …