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Apple Claufoutis | アップル・クラフティ

Apples are slowly disappearing until come next winter. The early birds (year harvest) start appearing around the end of August ~ early October, which implicates that the rest -non-sesasonal apples sold in stores are probably kept in storage. Being a fruit lover, ‘Apple Claufoutis‘ is one of my husband’s favorite cakes (pies?).  He prefers more fruit than batter so I tend to increase the proportion of fruit than than the normal recipe. The Apple Cloufoutis is so simple, nobody can get this wrong. The recipe is here to click!   「林檎」大好き。リンゴはいつの時期でもスーパーで切らすことなく売られていますが、、実は8月〜10月が収穫時期なのですよね。保存技術がよほどいいのか、質のいいリンゴは一年中手に入ります。(ありがたいことに) フルーツ大好きな主人の大好物の一つとも言える「アップルクラフティ」。我が家のアップルクラフティはアップルの量の方が生地より多いのが特徴。どちらかというとアップルの間に生地が少々ある、、リンゴ焼きケーキです。 レシピ、作り方、いたって簡単です。ご興味のある方はこちらからレシピリンク。                                   Slide show of ‘Making Apple Claufoutis’ |アップルクラフティの作り方         保存保存 保存保存 保存保存 保存保存 保存保存 保存保存

Xmas Osouzai | クリスマスお惣菜

Western Homemade Cooking – Yoshoku foods to GO Second series of ‘food to go’ for my daughter; western food – we call it ‘Yo (western) Shoku (food)’. Since it is getting closer to Xmas, I thought I would do a simple chicken roast and something festive-like food so she can feel a little bit of the December season enclosed caved at home with the little one, hopefully she will have gap of time for some glass of wine and a warm candle. 和食の後は洋食。 子育ては月日を選ばず、子育てに追われると月日も忘れてしまうみたいです。今回はちょっと早いですがクリスマス料理もどき。子供が寝静まったころ二人でワインとキャンドルでクリスマス気分でも味わった貰えればな、とおもって。 Lot of beans, beans salad This is a salad with different type of beans – green peas, chick peas (garbanzo), soy green beans and colorful vegetables – carrots, morocco string beans, orange/yellow/red fresh paprika and butterfly shaped macaroni pasta combined with alfalfa and yoghurt vinaigrette dressing. エンドウ豆、グリーンピース、青豆をふんだんに入れた豆サラダ。彩りを綺麗にしたくてオレンジ、黄色や赤のパプリカに助けてもらい、、からみを良くする為にアルファルファをいれてドレッシングはヨーグルトベースのヴィニグレットドレッシング。   Traditional Roast Chicken Nothing special. It just a roast chicken stuffed with lemon and rosemary and olive oil, salt and pepper baked in the oven for about an hour. オーソドックスなアメリカ式?ローストチキン。 香りを良くする為にローズマリーとレモンをスタッフィングにしてチキンバッグにいれて1時間ばかり蒸し焼きにしています。   Quiche with oysters, spinach and onions 今が旬の牡蠣とほうれん草とオニオンのキッシュ。        

Thin Crust ‘Flaky’ Apple Pie | アップル・パイ

Very easy….’Thin Crust Flaky’ Apple Pie. Using the FEUILLETAGE | FLAKY PASTRY which I made for the Tarte Figues kept frozen, an easy apple pie using the Japanese Kogyoku (slightly sour but bakes well for pies and cakes, apparently also called the Jonathan) . Yes, I know…making the FLAKY PASTRY is the hard part but….once you get your mind around to making it…make enough so you can store it frozen and does come very handy with seasonal fruits and desserts and just ENYOY!

Tarte Figues | 無花果のタルト

Back again to autumn food – ‘figs’. Figs come on regularly on our breakfast and dinner table. I adore the look of the figs – its pristine detail so meticulous and my desire to photograph each detail of the fine art creation of nature which I feel far beyond human craftsmanship and imagination. Anyway….I encountered this recipe which comes from FREDERIC CASSEL’s book,

a vegetarian…Zucchini Potato Crust Quiche | ベジタリアン・ズッキーニキッシュ

A friend of our family brought over a huge…huge zucchini grown in his petite farm in the outskirts of Tokyo.  Oh dear… big! but the size was just perfect to ring a (artful) bell in my head. Since I’m trying keep an eye on my husband’s cholesterol levels, I’ve made the crust with shredded potatoes. So…it’s SORT OF a vegetarian quiche not totally vegetarian since I’m using milk and eggs in my appaleil but it works.

Fruit tarte | フルーツタルト and some party suggestions….

It’s been raining frequently and the sun has shied away in this rainy season here in Tokyo. Our distinctive season provide us with distinctive vegetation and fruit; thus this we need this long continuous rain which prolongs at least until the middle of July. It’s no doubt an enduring season, quite hot and humid but at least it keeps your skin baby-like humid which no woman can complain. Here are some party menus and dessert

Home Party Cooking | 我家のパーティお料理 | Part 5

‘Clafoutis’ with sakura shrimp and mushrooms. The picture looks just like a baked omelette but sakura shrimps are swimming in this dish. What is ‘sakura shrimp’? Okay..this is what it looks like….it’s a seasonal shrimp and since the colors resembles the cherry blossoms – it is called ‘sakura’ shrimps. Despite it’s size, it has a strong shrimp aroma. 桜海老いりのクラフティ。シンプルな一品ですが卵好きには溜まらない品。 『桜』と聞くと何故か我々日本人は何でも美味しく感じますが、、桜えびはサイズのわりには頑張って海老の味を出てくれるので旬になると、、和食の煮物、卵とじ、炒め物、天ぷら、パスタ料理、結構使います。そうしている内に、、季節が過ぎ去りアッと言う間に姿を消してしまいます。冷凍しておいてもあまり風味が残らないのが残念です。 Sakura Shrimp and Mushroom Clafoutis Recipe – 120g Sakura Shirimp 120ml Milk 120ml Cream 18g Corn Starch 6 Mushrooms sauté in butter Salt, Pepper 3g Italian Parsly Cooking – Preheat the oven to 180C/350F. Mix the egg, milk and cream in a bowl and salt and pepper to taste. Sieve the cornstarch into the liquid. Slice the mushrooms and sauté in butter and set it aside to cool. Add the mushrooms, sakura shrimp and italian parsley into the liquid (2). Bake for 15 minutes at 180C until the top becomes light brown. Sakura Shrimp and Mushroom Clafoutis Recipe – 桜海老・・・・・・・120g 卵・・・・・・・2個 ミルク・・・・・120ml 生クリーム・・・120ml コーンスターチ・・・18g マッシュルーム・・・6個 (バターで炒める) 塩、胡椒・・・・・・・・・適量 イタリアンパセリ・・・3g オーブンは180℃に予熱する。 卵、ミルク、生クリームを混ぜ、塩こしょうで味を整える。コーンスターチを入れる。 マッシュルームは薄くスライスし、バターで炒めておく。