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jamming season…apricot works |6月の杏ジャム作り

This cooking file backdates to the end of June when ‘apricots’ were in full season. (PS….Gee…apologies…it’s already mid-August. ) Anyway, this is my annual ‘apricot work’ which is never missed nor never neglected, apricots jam being one of my husband’s favorite jams. 6月末に「杏」シーズンは終わり、ブログを出さずに、、すでに真夏の8月です。(恥) 毎年欠かさずに作っている「杏」ジャムやコンポート。すでに着々とケーキになったり、夏のゼリーの食材になったりと楽しませてくれる「杏」です。 ジャムもコンポートも作り方は決して難してくありません。綺麗な色のジャムが出来上がりますよ。     Apricots split in half, sugar sprinkled and stewed to ‘jam’ thickness.       This is an APRICOT COMPOTE. Apricot stirred in syrup at low heat. Once the apricots seem cooked, it is basically done.  Make sure that the jars are well sterilized and seal the jam over boiling hot water for better preservation.             Apricot Jam Recipe Apricot 100% (Example 1 kg of Apricots) Crystal or Brown Sugar 20% of weight of Apricot (200g) Lemon Juice – 1 per 1kg of Apricots (1 Lemon) For the Jam Wash the apricots and remove any rotten parts. Drop the apricots in boiling water for approximately 15 seconds to sterilize from surface skin bacteria. Slice the apricot into half and remove the seed. Accurately weigh …

Seasonal Spring Food | 春の食材

On a cloudless sunny day………we decided to adventure north, about a two hour or so drive up north which will take you to Gunma prefecture – one of the leading producers and suppliers of vegetables in the country and Tokyo district.

Cheese Curry Bread | 焼きチーズカレーパン

‘Cheese Curry Bread’, a recipe trial from one of my favorite bakery chef. His shop is located in a residential area of Takanawa (near Shinagawa Station) which his link to fb site – BOULANGERIE SEIJI ASAKURA. He seems to be French Bread baker studied in France and opened up his own shop in the posh residential area of Tokyo.

Apricot Jam | アプリコット・ジャム

Fresh apricots only come around in June for a bare three or two weeks in June. Since I was absent from a two week vacation this year, I asked whether the apricot farm can store the last batch of the fruit and send it to me when I returned back to Japan in early July. They were kind enough to do so. Apricot jam is my husband’s favorite jam so dare not miss the timing. Good job!!!! (to myself) The jam is delicious!!! 今年は丁度、「杏(アプリコット)シーズン」にハワイに休暇をすることになり、杏は6月にものの2〜3週間の期間しか出回らない短いフルーツ。毎年作るアプリコットジャムは主人の大好物。 今年はどうしよう〜と調べると中、長野のアンズ農家が7月の帰国日程でも送れるという杏の種類を予約。今年は冬が温かったせいなのか果実が2週間ばかり早い傾向があるみたいですが何とか冷蔵保存して頂いたのでしょうか。立派な杏が届きました。ジャム向けの商品ですが美味しいジャムができました。 北原農園 長野県中野市大字永江1933-1 電話:0269-38-2595     The recipe for making Apricot Jam is here (レシピはここ)!     保存 保存

Summer Preserves & ‘Aubergine’ pâté | 茄子のパテ

The hot sun, the hot summer yields an abundant amount of summer vegetables. More than one can consume at once in a household. My friend from our ad agency days drops by now and then, very so often on a late Saturday after spending a full day at his ‘organic farm’.