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New Year’s multi-culture washoku | 2018年に願う「彩り」元旦

New Years Day, dinner. For us Japanese, New Year’s celebration is a traditional event, most likely THE important day of the year in which we celebrate the day with ‘traditional Japanese osechi’. If anyone of the readers are curious of what ‘osechi is?’, many sites will explain the meaning of some of the osechi dishes. This year I decided to venture out from the tradition to a somewhat non-tradtional ‘washoku cuisine’ to something which I call it ‘multi-cultured washoku’.

Saba (Mackerel) Sushi | 鯖棒寿司 

This may be a challenging, hopefully an inspiring recipe for ‘sushi’ lovers. Eating raw fish (‘sashimi’) is a very common (natural) Japanese food culture in which ‘sushi’ is an extension of. This ‘saba (mackerel) bou-sushi’ is a traditional method, as such by wrapping this boxed pressed sushi in bamboo leaves, persimmon leaves to prevent the fish from rotting. ‘Bou-sushi’  is (bou meaning a long stick) also called ‘battera’ and fish such as mackerel, salmon, trout and anago is amongst the popular sushi made in this boxed press style. To make this boxed press sushi, you will need a ‘Press Box’ made out of wood extremely fresh mackerel (literally off the fisherman’s boat) challenging spirit to treat raw fish The rest is not so difficult (forgiven with few trial and errors), a ‘sushi home party’ will not be such a dream. Give it a shot!   我家では『鯖鮨』は比較的ポピュラーな一品です。 鮮度のいい鯖が手に入るとその鯖の運命は 即、さばかれて → 〆鯖 → 冷凍 → 数日後には棒鮨 となります。どんなに鮮度が良くても鯖のアニサキス虫は怖いので必ず冷凍します。 木製の箱寿司器があれば棒鮨はいつでもつくれます。     Saba (Mackerel) Sushi | 鯖鮨 【Preparing the Mackerel – Shime Saba】 *This 1st process is making a vinegar marinated mackerel. 1 Mackerel 2 tbsp …

the Autumn fish – Pacific Saury | ガッテン流 – 秋刀魚の季節

The arrival of ‘Pacific Saury’, a thin sword-like fish called ‘Sanma’ signifies the arrival of autumn and is probably one of the most popular fish in Japan during this short season. The Japanese kanji (characters) is written  秋(autumn) 刀 (sword) 魚(fish) so literally figuratively the fish is what it spells to be.

Fruit tarte | フルーツタルト and some party suggestions….

It’s been raining frequently and the sun has shied away in this rainy season here in Tokyo. Our distinctive season provide us with distinctive vegetation and fruit; thus this we need this long continuous rain which prolongs at least until the middle of July. It’s no doubt an enduring season, quite hot and humid but at least it keeps your skin baby-like humid which no woman can complain. Here are some party menus and dessert

Spring Celebration Party | 春の祝賀会

Our Spring celebration party. Celebrating our newly born grandson. Celebrating our grandmother’s 96th birthday. Celebrating our niece’s birthday. And above all, celebrating and in gratitude to my husband’s health recovery. I thought I would bring in the ‘blossoms’ to our party menu……here it is. たくさんのお祝いが重なる『春』。 お姑さんの96歳の誕生日。 姪っ子の誕生日。 初孫の誕生。 そして何よりも、、主人の快気祝い。 春の彩り、春の花を食卓に取り入れたくてのメニューになりました。 作りながら、考えながら作った『バゲットとカンパーニュ』を下地に使ったカナッペ。 レシピよりも春の色彩や彩りをお楽しみください。 Using the bread of baguettes and campagne, these are small size canape breads. Since I’ve made so many variations types, like a freehand creative drawing….let you just enjoy the color and festive feel. This is a standard dish…mozzarella tomato with Italian ham. 定番の一口サイズ、、モッツァレラチーズとトマトと生ハム Roasted Paprika Flower(花パプリカ) Smoked Salmon with green peas and capers (スモークサーモンとグリーンピースとケーパズ) Pate Campagne with walnuts and rum soaked fig (パテ・カンパーニュ 胡桃とラム酒漬け無花果) 金沢からの産直。 今が旬の『のどぐろ棒鮨』『ズワイガニ棒鮨』『ぶり棒鮨』。 In celebrating our opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train), Tokyo – Kanazawa on March 14th; Nodoguro Sushi (Rosy Seabass) Zuwai Kani Sushi (Snow Crab) Buri Sushi  (Japanese Amberjack) From my favorite patisserie ‘Asterisque’, cake ordermade for this event. 大好きなパティシエ『アステリスク』のオーダーメイド・ケーキ。

Egg Custard with Cod Milt & Tuna Sashimi Bowl | 白子入り茶碗蒸し、マグロ漬け丼

A glimpse of our dinner table. Some homemade foods on a Japanese dinner table may seem like slightly ‘exotic?’  delicacies to some but this is a seasonal easy Washoku dish. Egg Custard Bowl with Cod Milt Egg custard bowl which is called ‘chawan(bowl) mushi(steam)’ is an easy dish which is similar to making a egg custard pudding but the washoku makes this as an appetizer and seasonal foods are incorporated inside the custard. I’ve used …… ‘COD MILT’. What’s ‘COD MILT’ ? Cod milt is a ‘sperm’ of a cod; snow white, soft, rich in taste similar to a Foie gras or even pork liver. Incorporating this cod milt into the egg custard bowl (chawan mushi) made with dashi (see my July 1st 2014 blog post) . You will find various recipes on Chawan Mushi if you are a egg lover which can be combined with any seasonal foods, seafood or vegetables. Since ‘cod milt’ comes quite abundant during the winter months, it is one of my husband’s favorite food – the cold milt and …

Welcome 2015 | A Happy New Year

Welcome 2015. One of the best roses from the Ohta (Tokyo) wholesale flower market. We are fortunate to get some year-end leftover roses every year since our nephew trades in the international & domestic rose market. I hope the photographs are as real as I do see it….They are just one of kind !!! 新年明けましておめでとうございます。 2015年のスタート。心機一転。一日一日を大切に過ごしていけたらと思っています。 我家の甥っ子が太田花市場に努めている関係から毎年、年暮れには日本一と言われている薔薇の花が我家には飾られます。平塚で作られいる薔薇らしいです。写真ではなかなか本物の美しさが見受けられないと思いますが、少しでもお届けできたらと思っています。 また、今年からブログは頑張って英日で書いていこうと思っています。英語で書きたいこと、日本語で書きたい事、必ずしも一致はしませんがあくまでも気が向くままにブログをしていきたいと思っています。 The most simplest and most healthiest item has joined our food table. Sayu(Hot Water) Using an iron teapot to boil water, constant intake of Sayu (hot water).  As I’ve searched the internet, I’ve come across an interesting site ’12 Unexpected benefits of drinking hot water’, it’s worth checking it out. I think Sayu in general works to detox the body. 『白湯』は我家の常備品になりました。 主人の体調から『体を温める料理』をもっぱら実践中。その中でも一番手頃で簡単にできることは冷たいものを体に取り入れないこと。もっとも前々から体を冷やすものは取り入れてはいなかったのですが、、まずは『白湯』。息子が買ったくれた南部鉄瓶でもっぱら常備食(飲み物)となりました。 『白湯』は以下の効能も促してくれるみたいです。 ○ 毒素や老廃物を押し流してくれる ○ 血行が良くなり代謝が上がる ○ 余分な水分を排出してくれる ○ ダイエット効果がある ○ 便秘が改善する ○ 肌荒れが改善する ○ 冷え症が改善する ○ 寝起きが良くなる ○ むくみがとれる Saba (Mackerel) Sushi It’s New Years but this year I have veered away from cooking a typical traditional New Years cuisine. However since ‘Saba Sushi’ is one of my husbands favorite food I have made just …