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gluten free cafe ‘L for You’ | グルテンフリー・ベーガン カフェ in 表参道-青山

Gluten free food in Japan is not as popular as compared to other western countries, perhaps due to rice being our staple food, highly used as one (major?) ‘gluten free’ ingredients.  However the knowledge of ‘gluten free’ and the effectiveness has become wide spread. 

Kobako (Barrel) Crab | 香箱ガニ丼


gluten free | Blueberry + Apple Crumble Bars | ブルーベリー + アップル バー


Hokuriku Camping Car Travelog | 北陸キャンピングカー旅 ②

The Noto Peninsula (Noto-hanto) is a peninsula which extends out to the ocean (Sea of Japan), Ishikawa prefecture. To us, Noto instantly resonates ‘fresh fish’,’good sake’ ,’salt’ and ‘rice’, basically the main food ingredients our form of Japanese food. It was my first visit to Noto-hanto, although the weather did not welcome us; sunshine-cloudy-mist-rain-gusty wind storm all in one day. According to the locals, the diversity of weather produces good crops, good fish and a flexible lifestyle; a norm in Noto Penisula.

Camping Car Travelog | キャンピングカー旅 ②

Day 2 takes us to the Tsuruoka City Kamo Aquarium, known as the ‘Jellyfish Museum’, located at Yamagata Prefecture;  a beautiful clear sky day. 旅の2日目。 山形県の鶴岡市加茂水族館「クラゲ会館」に行ってきました。世界一クラゲの種類が多いと言われている水族館で平日でも観光バスやら観光客で比較的込み合ったいました。

Quest for Apricots | 杏の里を訪ねて、、 Part 1

Although we’ve been encountering continuous rain during this ‘monsoon’ season, there are few days of hiatus here and there where when we decided to take a trip known to be the ‘Home of the Apricots’ in Nagano-prefecture (I will place a link but unfortunately none of the web pages have English sites).

Creative Chinese Cuisine Kogetsu |中華会席 古月

Located in a quite residential area, behind the Nezu Shrine is a rare French type of Chinese cuisine. Even I will not be able to relocate the restaurant without printing an access map or rotating my google map on my smartphone (lol) but it is worth trying and the effort is guaranteed priceless. Most Chinese restaurants sell by their volume and speed but when you reach a certain age……(oops, not disclosing my age yet) the appreciation of well selected healthy food and stimulating to the eye is more a value than more so the stomach. So if you are one of my group of people… sure to remember this restaurant if you every think of Chinese Herbal Seasonal Food, French Style and very creative. The restaurant if a renovated old house…not sure but I am certain it goes back well to the 40s or 50s. The old tatami rooms are renovated into private secluded rooms so it serves well for a private gathering even with children or babies. It may look similar to a luxurious …