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a Japanese ritual for new borns – “Okuisome” | お食い初め

This ceremony was first posted last year for our very first grandchild and time has come for our second grandchild, now turned over 100 days in which to celebrate her first taste of food – a traditional Japanese ritual called ‘okuisome’.

Soft-shelled Turtle Hot Pot | 自宅で、、スッポン鍋

This post may come as a ‘shocking post’ but to emphasize that it is NOT a PET TURTLE as to being one of the fine delicacies in our eastern part of the world, the soft-shelled turtle (which we call it suppon in Japanese) considered equivalent to medicine from ancient Chinese history.

Quest for Apricots | 杏の里を訪ねて、、 Part 1

Although we’ve been encountering continuous rain during this ‘monsoon’ season, there are few days of hiatus here and there where when we decided to take a trip known to be the ‘Home of the Apricots’ in Nagano-prefecture (I will place a link but unfortunately none of the web pages have English sites).

Creative Chinese Cuisine Kogetsu |中華会席 古月

Located in a quite residential area, behind the Nezu Shrine is a rare French type of Chinese cuisine. Even I will not be able to relocate the restaurant without printing an access map or rotating my google map on my smartphone (lol) but it is worth trying and the effort is guaranteed priceless. Most Chinese restaurants sell by their volume and speed but when you reach a certain age……(oops, not disclosing my age yet) the appreciation of well selected healthy food and stimulating to the eye is more a value than more so the stomach. So if you are one of my group of people… sure to remember this restaurant if you every think of Chinese Herbal Seasonal Food, French Style and very creative. The restaurant if a renovated old house…not sure but I am certain it goes back well to the 40s or 50s. The old tatami rooms are renovated into private secluded rooms so it serves well for a private gathering even with children or babies. It may look similar to a luxurious …

Sakura means Spring | 桜満開

Full blossom of ‘sakura’ (cherry blossoms) means.. official ‘spring’ in Tokyo. Blossoms of sakura is seen everywhere in Tokyo as yesterday was officially announced as ‘Blossom in Full’. So if you are ever contemplating of visiting Japan, this is one of the best seasons to come as the sakura trees are just heavenly, just amazing to see so many flowers (with no leaves) blossoming from a tree. Mind you… does not last very long. If we find continued good weather above 20degrees or so, the flowers start to disintegrate. You will find sakura trees in temples, schools, landmarks, parks, etc…and picnics with booze underneath the tree is another festivity for alcohol and flower lovers.   東京の桜は満開。 今週はお天気がとてもいいらしいので、桜の下で宴会行事。多いみたいですね。上野公園は既にお隣りの中◯本土の観光客に乗っ取られていて大騒ぎで人と声でと、、あ〜風情が。 我家の裏手には神田川。 別の方向に歩いていけば善福寺川。 どちらの川沿いにも朝の犬の散歩道中に桜が見れるので近所で十分に桜が楽しめます。