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Buttery….Flaky Croissants | 自家製クロワッサン

The most rewarding weekend morning is when you have a freshly baked croissants just right out of the oven. The buttery smell and a crisp flaky croissant with big cup of milk latte.  Mind you…it doesn’t happen so often in  ‘our casa’ but it’s a now and then hobby to me. It’s like waking up to go for a run in the first morning light. Croissant making takes a lot of planning in my mind.  Organizing the ingredients, planning the prep time. Yes, I agree; it it is a rather meticulous process but every process seem to be tested for craftsmanship and that’s what I like about making croissants. It may be hard to believe but we are encountering a ‘SHORTAGE OF BUTTER’ at the moment (for a quite some time), to hear no pure reason but due to miscalculation of milk production. Although our daily Japanese diet does not rely heavily on butter consumption, it does affect pâtisseries and baking shops and breads like danish and croissants. 年に何度か思い立ったように太陽が出る前から焼き始めたりします。 お目覚めのクロワッサン。朝からバターの香りが漂い、大きめのカップにラテと何層にもなっているクロワッサンが出来たときは至福のひとときです。 クロワッサンはつくるときの季節や温度、手早さにとっても左右されるパンなのです。バターが溶けすぎないように、でも硬いすぎないように。何層にものばしているパンなのでその工程で崩れていくとパリパリのクロワッサンにはなかなか到達しません。パン屋さんはパスタマシンの様なクロワッサンをのばす器械あるのであまり苦労せずに長く薄くのばせると思うのですが、、う、う、う、素人で家庭だとひたすら努力と手早さとの戦いだったりするのです。 ま、それが自家製の醍醐味と楽しさかもしれませんが(笑)。 いずれ、、バター不足は早く解消してほしいものです。バターが手薄になるとクロワッサンもちょっと遠のいてしまってまた手が落ちてしまうものです。ちなみに発酵バターを使うとクロワッサンは格段に美味しくなりますよ〜💓 Flaky Croissants Recipe …

Danish Bread Loaf

Almond Danish Loaf | アーモンド デニッシュ ローフ

Although ‘Danish’ has always been one of my favorite breads, I’ve really not have not come up with a great recipe which works for all.  What works for me is that it is – relatively easy to make, flaky but still retains the bread-like softness, not over-crispy, hidden presence of butter yet with a good buttery flavor. But this is – I think! – is a great recipe which seem to work as my basis of my Danish pastries. This loaf is a ‘Almond Cream Danish Loaf’ with a little bit of roasted walnuts intertwined into the loaf. I would think that the sweetness is too subtle to a lot of the ‘western’ readers, but we – majority of Japanese tend to prefer the subtle taste which includes the dolce-sweetness as well. I will be coming up with various Danish Pastries (in due course) which I hope will extend as using this as not only as a sweet bread but for appetizers and party hor dourves.   これだぁ!!!という『デニッシュ ペストリー』の生地のレシピになかなか出会えず、著名なベーカリーシェフ達のレシピを使ったり、いろいろ長年すぎました。この前、えっ、と思うレシピに遭遇したので作ってみたらこれは美味しいじゃないですか。 私の求めていたレシピは ①サクサク ②サクサクながらもパンの生地が感じる ③バターを感じずにもバターの香りがする ④何層にもなっている皮が脂っこくない ⑤そうかと言って、、安いパンのように湿ったデニッシュの様にはしたくない そんな贅沢を考えながら、ちょっと(かなり)満足できるレシピに出会えました。 …


Wafer Thin Almond Cookies | 薄焼きアーモンドクッキー

Almonds ! … irresistible food in our house. My husband just loves it….. ……even our little darling doggie loves it….. A slight noise from our almond cookie jar, attracts any one of the two; even both. This is a very simple recipe, a ‘Wafer Thin Almond Cookie’ using very less flour so it’s more for almond lovers than cookie-flour starch lovers. It stays crisp for a considerable amount of time and if you know that almonds are an ‘ANTI-AGING’ food, it becomes quite addictive and the guilty fades instantly to eat one slice per day for a good reason, to keep you young and beautiful !!!! アーモンドは我家の危険な好物の一つです。 『美容と老化防止にいい』と聞くとローストアーモンドは限りなく消費してしまいたくなりますが、一日23粒以上は太る傾向にありますよ。 しかし数えるほどマメではありません、、我家の主とワンは。 手軽で簡単に作れるアーモンドクッキー。 この薄いパリパリなアーモンドスライスはクッキージャー (JAR)に入れておくと日持ちもとっても良いいですよ〜。 Wafer Thin Almond Cookies – 40g sugar 50g flour 2 eggs 145g almond slices Vanilla essence ①Combine sugar and egg and whisk well until mixture is white and fluffy. ②Add the flour to the mixture and roasted almond slices (pre-roast for 10 minutes at 160c/320f) and then the vanilla essence. ③With a large spoon, drop the mixture on a baking pan, carefully separating …


Almonds… anti-aging snack | アーモンドスナック

It’s been quite a busy for the last couple of weeks with family events, followed by a short trip at the end of the summer season. So…. it’s been a while since I last blogged and I (hope) to be back to my normal daily routines, suddenly to notice that summer has suddenly closed it’s curtain to open another new season; one of my favorite autumn season.   Croquants aux Amandes (Crunchy Almonds) This is a light snack I made for the short road trip which I picked up from a cooking magazine. It keeps well at humid temperatures AND… it serves as my ‘anti-aging’ beautifying snack!!!! SO…. ‘beauty conscious people’ here is a recipe you should definitely try. FYI, 20~23 almonds are allowed to be taken as an anti-aging nutrient so this is perfect munchie or coffee snack.   Makes about 60~80 Flour…..150g Egg Whites…..100g Almond Powder…..100g Cinnamon Sugar…..45g Almonds…..300g Glazing Liquid Egg Yolk…..2 Granulated Sugar…..10g Milk…..10g Preheat the oven to 150C . Roast the almonds for 30minutes at 180C. Combine ingredients in a …


simple&delicious cake….Financier (Almond)

This is a simple recipe which I picked from a recognized pâtissier (Ash Tsujiguchi) – Financier (Almond flavor). His website displays the type of confectioneries which he produces, which I think is work of craft and art.     The original recipe is a Hazelnut Financier but I’ve replaced the hazelnut with almonds since hazelnut products come expensive in price and not an off the shelf item. It’s simple! It’s easy! So bake some for the house and drop me a note if you do!     Almond Financier recipe pdf written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan