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Autumn simple fruit cakes | 秋果物で素朴なケーキ

Apples… which instantly reminds me of this most ridiculous YouTube video, seemingly a global mega-hit. Pen Pineapple Apple Pen by pikotaro Check it out…it’s just simply ridiculous. Getting back to my post subject, come autumn having a baking item in the house becomes welcoming. I believe the approaching winter is stimulating the body to accumulate fat and the craving of sweets increases but I like to stay relatively healthy by making my own confectioneries from scratch, using less sugar, butter and oil. Apple used items become frequent and this is one which is simple to make and stores well cold in the refrigerator. 秋になるとリンゴが出回ります。リンゴはパンやケーキにとっても便利。寒くなるとついつい、、なんだか甘いものが欲しくなるのは体が脂肪を溜めようとしている印なのかな? こと尚更、、食べるなら安心に自宅で作ったケーキが一番安心です。砂糖、バターや油の量を調整できるし、何が入っているか分かるのが一番。せっかく食べるのですからやはり防腐剤も入っていないヘルシーな食物に越したことはないですね! 紹介する二つのケーキは両方とも簡単ケーキです。 秋の食材リンゴ。 ルバーブは冷凍してあったものを使いました。   Apple Squares | 紅玉をいれて、、アップルスクエア   Rhubarb crumble cake is another baking item, quick to make and I love the texture of the rhubarb and the moist cake underneath. The recipe is here.   Apple Squares Recipe – 20cm x 20cm square pan   100g brown sugar 57g unsalted butter melted 1 egg 1 teaspoon vanilla essence 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking powder 125g cake flour 1/2 cup …

Homemade Breakfast Breads | 自家製ブレークファーストブレッド

Spring brings back a lot of rain to prepare the plants for the coming new season. It is also gives me some inspiration, especially ‘time’ on  a rainy day to bake an assortment of breads which I keep stored in the freezer, variety of breakfast breads for each morning enjoyment.

retro Apple Crumb Cake | レトロ菓子・アップルクラムケーキ

Just another one of my retro sweets obsessions. Now and then I seem to come across this lush, moist apple cake which I just love. It’ not exactly a cake, it’s not a bread pudding nor a trifle but packed with apples, rum raisins above all a nice rum aroma. I came across cake (namely ‘apple cake’) this at a Japanese countryside supermarket, sold as “the best selling cake in the country” ,

Thin Crust ‘Flaky’ Apple Pie | アップル・パイ

Very easy….’Thin Crust Flaky’ Apple Pie. Using the FEUILLETAGE | FLAKY PASTRY which I made for the Tarte Figues kept frozen, an easy apple pie using the Japanese Kogyoku (slightly sour but bakes well for pies and cakes, apparently also called the Jonathan) . Yes, I know…making the FLAKY PASTRY is the hard part but….once you get your mind around to making it…make enough so you can store it frozen and does come very handy with seasonal fruits and desserts and just ENYOY!

Apple Custard Squares | アップル カスタード スクエア

Domestic apples are becoming out of season, apart from imported apples. No wonder every Saturday, the vegetable store is giving away one apple per every ten dollar (one thousand yen) purchase but regardless of what it is….free giveaway becomes rather addictive and I see myself adjusting my shopping chores to get one free on Saturday. Thus…..the fridge is stocked with apples although it’s not as great eaten fresh as it is in the winter time. I just live testing recipes when I have unplanned ingredients and I’m in my cleaning mode so here I am looking for recipes….which hopefully may turn out to be the maybe an unexpected hit recipe. This is one is from Food 52, somehow reminiced me of ‘Irish bread puddings with apple’ served at the canteen in college when custard sauce just came with any and most all desserts. It’s very simple, organic and very European B&B (bed and breakfast) type of dessert. そろそろ美味しい林檎の季節は終わっていますが、、 週末に通う八百屋の土曜日の特売日には1000円毎に林檎一個サービスで頂けるのです。タダって何気に嬉しいものでアッいう間に冷蔵庫には林檎がたくさんゴロゴロしているのを発見。 さぁ〜、、こうゆう時は新レシピに材料を使います。 なんか惜しげなく、いつもと違い路線でちょっと冒険できたりもします。 そうは言っても主人も食べてくれるようなものでなくてはいけないので今日はアイルランド時代、学食で良く出てくるカスタードを使ったレシピでつくってみました。 とっても素朴な田舎風のお菓子です。ヨーロッパのB&Bで出てきそうなレシピでパクパク食べれちゃいます。 Apple Custard Squares Recipe – 3 medium size apples 65g cake flour …

Apple Cinnamon Bread | アップル シナモン ブレッド

Another one of my most simple….breakfast breads. There’s nothing to it. Just mix and blend but the apples and cinnamon make a well combination to savor it for breakfast over a warm cup of hot coffee or hot latte. Try it!!! 林檎とシナモンが好きな人にはとっても 最適で、、 ウルトラシンプルな、、 ブレッド・ケーキ。 まぜるて焼くだけだけでも、、旨い! Apple Cinnamon Bread Recipe – 【Dry Ingredients】 375g Flour 1 + 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Powder 1 ~ 2 Tablespoons Cinnamon pinch of salt 【Wed Ingredients】 100g Brown Sugar (substitute maple syrup) 3 large egg 170g Milk 100g Rapeseed Oil 【Fruit】 2 mediums size apples Preheat the oven to 180℃ / 350F. Peel and cut the apples into small sizes. Combine the dry ingredients and sift well. With a mixer – beat the sugar and egg until the mixture is thick and heavy. Add the rapeseed oil and milk slowly the oil combines well into the mixture without separating. With a spatula – add the flour in several portiions and then the apples. Blend well. Transfer the mixture in a well battered baking tin (kugelhoph baking tin) and spread the …

Apple Crumble Squares | アップル・クランブル・スクエア

Here is something ‘simple’ but nice to have in your cake/cookie jar. The apples come abundant during the winter time and having lived in Ireland during a child, apples tend definitely one of my favorite fruits for baking. The Bramley Apples came in handy when in Ireland, so did the Granny Smith when in Los Angeles, no two come available here in Japan so I use the Kogyku/Jonathan (紅玉)which is the closest I can get. The sweetness can vary to each tongue and individuals. I like the natural  sweetness in any ingredients I use, which to me means….less use of sugar and slow cooking of fruit and vegetables – i.e. a more or less healthy, more or less a fattening dessert? 林檎の季節に最適で簡単なケーキです。 上下にグランブル生地を利用して林檎から出る酸味で構成する『林檎のクランブル・スクエア』。アイルランドに住んでいた頃はブラムリーアップル(クッキングアップル)。ロサンゼルとに住んでいた頃はグラニースミス アップル。日本ではやはり紅玉(ジョナサンアップル)が程よい酸味があって美味しいのではないでしょうか? それでも、もっと酸味が好きという方はレモン汁を多めに足すといいですよ。 小さいスクエアに切って、クッキー・ケーキジャーに入っているとコーヒータイムに最適なスィーツですよ〜。 Apple Crumble Squares Recipe – 20cm x 20cm square pan For the Apple Filling – 3 thinly sliced apples (Kogyoku) 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 50g Flour Sprinkle of brown sugar 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon ground allspice Pour lilikoi butter (passionfruit …