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Osouzai@Cold Aubergine (Egg Plant) in spicy dashi (broth) | ピリ辛茄子

  Very easy  osouzai (side dish) using aubergine (egg plant) which comes abundant during the summer.  This dish will keep for a couple of days in the refrigerator. 簡単お惣菜、、夏は茄子がジャンジャン出回ります。冷やして頂くのに便利なお惣菜です。作りおきができて、何かと便利。     Cold Aubergine (Egg Plant) in spicy dashi (broth) 3 Aubergine (Egg Plant) 1 Dried Chili cut into very thin slices 500 ml dashi (bonito broth) 3g bonito flakes 50ml soy sauce 50ml mirin 1 Teaspoon Rice Vinegar 1/2 Teaspoon Sugar   Remove the calyx (tip) of the aubergines, slicing it in half. Use a sharp knife, to cut a 1mm slit. In a hot pot, place the dashi, soy sauce, mirin, rice vinegar, sugar, dried chili and bonito flakes in a tea bag; bring to boil and add the egg plant (skin facing down). Simmer for about 5 minutes with a lid on top of the hot pot. Turn the heat off, let it cool and refrigerate until serving. (Recipe published by a Japanese Restaurant Chef, Mr. Mikizo Hashimoto)   Cold Aubergine (Egg Plant) in spicy dashi (broth) | ピリ辛茄子 茄子・・・・・・・・・・・・大3本 乾燥唐辛子・・・・・・・・・1 本 鰹だし・・・・・・・・・・・500 ml …


Summer Preserves & ‘Aubergine’ pâté | 茄子のパテ

The hot sun, the hot summer yields an abundant amount of summer vegetables. More than one can consume at once in a household. My friend from our ad agency days drops by now and then, very so often on a late Saturday after spending a full day at his ‘organic farm’.


Party Pizzettes | ピゼット

Here are my ‘party pizzettes’…… petite size pizzas, the dough thin and bread-like, above all fun to make and makes perfect gifts for wine parties. The topping could be anything of your choice but my selections are seasonal and for the occasion. If it would be a wine/cocktail party, the toppings could be more on the salty side than sweet. If perhaps for a younger or children gathering, I would tend to go for the more sweeter selections for both the sauce and topping. Whatever it is, variety is nice to have so people can pick on their own choice and tongue. ワインの集まりに作った『ピゼット』。ピザより小さく、つまんでもあまりお腹がいっぱいにならない程度のもの。トッピングはコレ!と言ったものではなく、好みにトッピングを使うといいです。まずはベースとなるソースをきめてるとそのソースに合うトッピングをのせればいいのがピザ方程式。個人的には『じっくり低温で炒めた玉葱』がとっても好きで少し塩気を多くしておくのがポイント。茶色い玉葱は自然にねっとりと絡みが良くなり他の具材やチーズとも相性がとっても良い。 夕飯の残りのカレーやホワイトクリームシチューなど、、水分を飛ばし冷凍保存しておくとこの時にソースとして大活躍しますよ! Pizzette Dough Recipe (Makes 23) 400g Flour 100g Fine whole-wheat flour 5g Dry yeast 10g Sugar 10g Skim milk powder 340g Water 40g Butter Toppings with Base Sauce – Gobo pâté Black Olives + Shredded Cheese Black Olives + Sardines + Shredded Cheese Sautée various type of Mushrooms + Shredded Cheese Toppings with Base Sauce – Sautéed Onions Base Sauce – very well sautéed salted brown onions. Sautee the onions for …


Summer Vegetable Dishes

Vegetables come in great variety during the summertime. Aubergines, green peppers, cucumbers, various type of beans, etc. etc.  Japan, especially Tokyo is, I think the best place to shop from groceries to any type of delicacies and even worldwide gourmet. On a daily basis, I personally dislike supermarket shopping (vegetables are mass produced and tend to come tasteless) and I squander small shops; which I keep a personal rated list of good and fresh vegetable shops, butchers, fish monger, fruit shops around my vicinity. Our dinner table is mostly filled with vegetables with one or two dishes of fish or meat, eating light and healthy becomes a habit; more so religious. I will be introducing the how to simply make these everyday Japanese side dishes (homemade washoku) in due course on my recipe pages; which I’ve been trying to build but not so smoothly as I imagined having transferred my site to quite recently.   Braised Pumpkin with aduki (red beans)         Sauteed Green Pepper with Jyako (dried tiny fish) in …