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Italian Style White Beans | イタリア風白豆

Here is a very simple ‘bean lovers’ recipe, which my ‘gourmet friend’ brought over using a ‘white bean’ which happens to be one of my favorite beans. I sort of gathered the taste and made it into my own recipe as my husband may like it. It’s simple…. and serves as a nice side dish to pastas or risottos. 私の友人でとってもお料理がうまい『グルメシェフ』から頂いた『新豆〜白豆』のイタリア風。我家の食卓には必ず何からしのおお豆があるのです。 和風の煮豆が多いのですがこれは食欲そそるお豆で主人が食べれる様に自己流に改造してみました。 お豆は前の晩からつけておくとすぐ煮えますよ〜。我家はもっぱらレククルーゼで圧をかけながらコトコト、、アッと言う間に煮豆が出来上がります。ホウロウの重いお鍋は便利です。 お豆好き、、是非試してみてください。 Italian style White Beans 300g White Beans 3~4 slices of bacon 1/4 chopped onions 1/4 chopped leaks 2 tablespoons of parsley Olive Oil Soak the dried white beans overnight (at least for 12 hours) in water. Bring the white beans to boil and drain the water to extract the froth. Using a hot pot, boil the white bean for about 2 hours with a sprinkle of salt until the beans become nice and soft. Sautee the bacon, onions, leaks with olive oil and add the parsley last. Make sure that the vegetables are well marinated with olive oil. Add the vegetables to the boiled white beans and toss it so it is …