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Home Party Cooking | 我家のパーティお料理 | Part 7 fin

Good wine… …with good bread. Although I tend to lean to Italian food when hosting a home party, unfortunately the bread of my preference is not Italian….but French. The baguette dough can be assembled into various types of French breads. When we spent 2 months traveling from Milan to Amalfi by car, the real Italian breads were too dry and coarse and to me. Later to find out that the Romans valued their salt and was not used for daily consumption food like bread and thus the original recipes of Italian bread does not (or minimal) use salt until this very day.  Since I believe salt – a super condiment which brings out the best of each food and ingredients especially with bread  to produce a nice flour aroma. 美味しいワインには美味しいパンがつきもの。 食事はイタリアンの方が作り易いけれど、、イタリアのパンはどうも私の趣味には合わない。ローマ帝国の時代、塩は貴重は資源だったらしく、それからイタリアのパンは塩を使わないタイプが多い。パンを作らない人にはわからないかもしれませんが塩の入っていないパンは味もバサバサした食感。モチモチした食感を好む日本人にははおそらくあまり好みではない為、東京のパン屋さんは殆どがフランスパンの趣向に傾いていると思います。(あくまでも印象的な主観ですが、、) 話が大きくそれましたが今回のパーティーに用意したパンの種類。 Baguette (バゲット) Bacon & Cheese Epi – the classic Epi (エピ・クラシックバージョンのベーコンとチーズ) Epi – with well saute onions (エピ・焦がしオニオン入り) Epi-with hot fish roe (mentaiko)-this you will only find in Japan (エピ・明太子バター入り) Rustique with Japanese Parsley (Seri) , Cheddar Cheese and French Mustard セリとチェダーチーズ、フレンチマスタード入りのリュスティック さて、さて、今回のパーティーメニューの紹介は一端ここで終了です。

Homemade ‘Baguettes’ | 自家製バゲット

I’ve been meaning to put up this baguette recipe post for a long long time but since I personally am constantly evolving to improve my ‘baguette’ techniques, I have never come to a point to post this with confidence and assurance. I’ve been constantly making ‘baguettes’ (French breads) since god knows…..probably a decade by now but I cannot seem to solve just one problem which bothers me. My current agenda it for the coupe crum to open (curl back) as like a thin mountain like ridge (skin rolling back) like in this picture. I can only detect the reason to be with the steam which I have to manually insert with our gas oven at home, but I also think the shaping process may also play a vital role in the perfect of baguette making. Anyway, making French breads and baguettes is one of my addictions. The taste of baguettes differ enormously with the selection of bread flour which come in handy to home bakers at Japanese web sites for bread makers. Being able to …