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Homestyle Chinese Cuisine ‘jeeten’ | 吉田風中国家庭料理店

Located in a tranquil posh residential area at the outskirts of Shibuya, Yoyogi-Uehara, you will find this humble atmosphered Homestyle Chinese Cuisine ‘jeeten’, owned and operated by a the chef Yoshida himself. With a counter bar seating and just few tables, at first glance may appear to be a cafe style restaurant but the Chinese cuisine is unbelievably exquisite. Secretly admired by the locals, Yoshida special style of Chinese cooking is not the traditional oily Chinese but light, healthy, with lot of vegetables. The menu offers both a 3 different type of course menu but also a la carte is offered for individual dishes. We ordered the A menu, our eyes always bigger than our stomach but to also to enjoy the seasonal recommendations by the Chef. 閑静な高級住宅地が残る「代々木上原」。昨晩は「吉田風中国家庭料理店」のjeetenで友人夫妻と夕食会。野菜中心の文字通り中華家庭料理。野菜と取り入れたメニューが多く、なぜか胃にもたれないあっさりとした料理法はシェフの秘伝の技。うま味調味料と中華出しは取らずに水と「腕、技」で旨味を出していらしい。カフェスタイルのインテリアですが落ち着いた雰囲気、家庭料理に刺激をいただいた一晩でした。お店で料理本を購入し、、日々のお料理に活用していこうかと思います。 Here is what the course looked like…. 昨晩、注文したのではシェフのおすすめのAコースメニュー。 Appetizer, Jelly fish with cucumbers. くらげの冷菜  Bean Sprout Roll – Pencil layered rows of bean sprouts wrapped with (I believe) fried tofu skin with a slightly sweet hoisin sauce. もやしの揚げ物は食感がとても不思議。もやしを綺麗に並べ、薄いお揚げで包んだ一品。 Shrimp Rice Rolls – Steamed Rice Paper enwraps a …

Japanese beef, wa.gyu – Boeuf Buruginyon

Japanese beef is I, personally think is one of a kind of beef in the world. I’ve tasted many; US, Aussie, Argentina, Firenze(Italian), Argentina, Spanish and British but Japanese beef – we call it wa.gyu, is far off of a kind, a pure delicacy.   So if you’re ever in Japan, try the wa.gyu, ‘wa’ meaning Japanese and ‘gyu’ meaning Beef in any form of cooking; shabu shabu, sukiyaki, steak, grilled Korean yakiniku style, etc. You will probably agree the difference in the taste and tenderness which I hear some of the gourmets in California are totally addicted to.   There is even a home page on Wa.gyu, so worth checking if you are real beef eater!!!   Here is a French style cooking of BRISKET cooked in Red Wine with tomato sauce which is one of my husband’s favorites. It adds stamina to your body, to fight the gruelling summer!!!         Boeuf Buruginyon Recipe   written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan