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Soft-shelled Turtle Hot Pot | 自宅で、、スッポン鍋

This post may come as a ‘shocking post’ but to emphasize that it is NOT a PET TURTLE as to being one of the fine delicacies in our eastern part of the world, the soft-shelled turtle (which we call it suppon in Japanese) considered equivalent to medicine from ancient Chinese history.


Osouzai@Cold Aubergine (Egg Plant) in spicy dashi (broth) | ピリ辛茄子

  Very easy  osouzai (side dish) using aubergine (egg plant) which comes abundant during the summer.  This dish will keep for a couple of days in the refrigerator. 簡単お惣菜、、夏は茄子がジャンジャン出回ります。冷やして頂くのに便利なお惣菜です。作りおきができて、何かと便利。     Cold Aubergine (Egg Plant) in spicy dashi (broth) 3 Aubergine (Egg Plant) 1 Dried Chili cut into very thin slices 500 ml dashi (bonito broth) 3g bonito flakes 50ml soy sauce 50ml mirin 1 Teaspoon Rice Vinegar 1/2 Teaspoon Sugar   Remove the calyx (tip) of the aubergines, slicing it in half. Use a sharp knife, to cut a 1mm slit. In a hot pot, place the dashi, soy sauce, mirin, rice vinegar, sugar, dried chili and bonito flakes in a tea bag; bring to boil and add the egg plant (skin facing down). Simmer for about 5 minutes with a lid on top of the hot pot. Turn the heat off, let it cool and refrigerate until serving. (Recipe published by a Japanese Restaurant Chef, Mr. Mikizo Hashimoto)   Cold Aubergine (Egg Plant) in spicy dashi (broth) | ピリ辛茄子 茄子・・・・・・・・・・・・大3本 乾燥唐辛子・・・・・・・・・1 本 鰹だし・・・・・・・・・・・500 ml …


Egg Custard with Cod Milt & Tuna Sashimi Bowl | 白子入り茶碗蒸し、マグロ漬け丼

A glimpse of our dinner table. Some homemade foods on a Japanese dinner table may seem like slightly ‘exotic?’  delicacies to some but this is a seasonal easy Washoku dish. Egg Custard Bowl with Cod Milt Egg custard bowl which is called ‘chawan(bowl) mushi(steam)’ is an easy dish which is similar to making a egg custard pudding but the washoku makes this as an appetizer and seasonal foods are incorporated inside the custard. I’ve used …… ‘COD MILT’. What’s ‘COD MILT’ ? Cod milt is a ‘sperm’ of a cod; snow white, soft, rich in taste similar to a Foie gras or even pork liver. Incorporating this cod milt into the egg custard bowl (chawan mushi) made with dashi (see my July 1st 2014 blog post) . You will find various recipes on Chawan Mushi if you are a egg lover which can be combined with any seasonal foods, seafood or vegetables. Since ‘cod milt’ comes quite abundant during the winter months, it is one of my husband’s favorite food – the cold milt and …


Japanese buckwheat noodles…SOBA and SOBA SOUP

I am sure you have come across, Japanese buckwheat noodles – SOBA served in many Japanese restaurants. Maybe not as many compared to the Italians, Japanese noodles still come in varieties, ‘SOBA’, ‘Chinese Noodles – RAMEN’, ‘SOMEN’, ‘UDON’, ‘HIYAMUGI’, etc. Probably each household have their preference on noodles, but one of ours is the SOBA (Buckwheat Noodles) and SOMEN (similar to a the Italian Capellini, Angel Hair Pasta). ‘SOBA’ is also considered a low calorie diet food.     The set up for ‘SOBA’ looks like this…. it is served with a ‘SOBA’ soup & ‘YAKUMI’ (spices). Ready made ‘SOBA’ soups are available in stores but certainly, it is not difficult to make and the soup can be stored for about a month or so in the fridge so if you are a home make addict….give it a shot!!! The ‘SOBA’ soup can be used for other Japanese cooking so it does come in handy to have a one the fridge.                             …


Summer Vegetable Dishes

Vegetables come in great variety during the summertime. Aubergines, green peppers, cucumbers, various type of beans, etc. etc.  Japan, especially Tokyo is, I think the best place to shop from groceries to any type of delicacies and even worldwide gourmet. On a daily basis, I personally dislike supermarket shopping (vegetables are mass produced and tend to come tasteless) and I squander small shops; which I keep a personal rated list of good and fresh vegetable shops, butchers, fish monger, fruit shops around my vicinity. Our dinner table is mostly filled with vegetables with one or two dishes of fish or meat, eating light and healthy becomes a habit; more so religious. I will be introducing the how to simply make these everyday Japanese side dishes (homemade washoku) in due course on my recipe pages; which I’ve been trying to build but not so smoothly as I imagined having transferred my site to quite recently.   Braised Pumpkin with aduki (red beans)         Sauteed Green Pepper with Jyako (dried tiny fish) in …

TOGAN, the Winter Melon

We are in the midst of the most muggy season of the year, the rainy season. Besides the high temperature with the humidity, the summer season may not be the most pleasant times in Japan especially for visitors who are not used to the Asian humidity. Yet, slowly but surely we are able to see Summer Vegetables arrive in the Tokyo markets and amongst many, one of the favorite is the TOGAN, WINTER MELON.