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Stick Rice Meatball Dim Sums |もち米シュウマイ

Since and after my gallbladder removal surgery (last November 2015), my ability to digest oil has drastically decreased. It may sound good for dietary purposes and to stay slim but at times limits my creativity to cook, especially the cooking process at times is important to obtain the best taste and results. So….although ‘steaming’ has had been my one of my favorite cooking methods this is another dim sum which is quick easy and tasty on a dinner table for an appetizer. I have used chicken mince meat but if you prefer the more oily meat, go for the pork. Although I love pork, pork is yet quite tricky on my body at the moment so I have used chicken meat instead of pork. (by the way…most dim sums use pork meat) 胆嚢の摘出手術から数ヶ月がたちましたが『油』の摂取能力が上がらず。ダイエットを考えると悪くはない話?と思うかもしれませんが調理方法に制限が出るのは時々料理のクリエイティビィティに左右され時々、、う、う、う、ストレスにもなります。 『蒸し料理』は昔から好きだったの、、また蒸し器を取り出してあっさり飲茶の一品です。 『紅白もち米』で実はおめでたい食卓にも適する一品です。   Sticky Rice Meatball Dim Sums | もち米シュウマイ   1 cup Sticky Rice Tofu (1/2) (To drain water from the tofu – wrap it with paper towel and heat it in the microwave oven. Water will start to ooze out from …

Xmas Osouzai | クリスマスお惣菜

Western Homemade Cooking – Yoshoku foods to GO Second series of ‘food to go’ for my daughter; western food – we call it ‘Yo (western) Shoku (food)’. Since it is getting closer to Xmas, I thought I would do a simple chicken roast and something festive-like food so she can feel a little bit of the December season enclosed caved at home with the little one, hopefully she will have gap of time for some glass of wine and a warm candle. 和食の後は洋食。 子育ては月日を選ばず、子育てに追われると月日も忘れてしまうみたいです。今回はちょっと早いですがクリスマス料理もどき。子供が寝静まったころ二人でワインとキャンドルでクリスマス気分でも味わった貰えればな、とおもって。 Lot of beans, beans salad This is a salad with different type of beans – green peas, chick peas (garbanzo), soy green beans and colorful vegetables – carrots, morocco string beans, orange/yellow/red fresh paprika and butterfly shaped macaroni pasta combined with alfalfa and yoghurt vinaigrette dressing. エンドウ豆、グリーンピース、青豆をふんだんに入れた豆サラダ。彩りを綺麗にしたくてオレンジ、黄色や赤のパプリカに助けてもらい、、からみを良くする為にアルファルファをいれてドレッシングはヨーグルトベースのヴィニグレットドレッシング。   Traditional Roast Chicken Nothing special. It just a roast chicken stuffed with lemon and rosemary and olive oil, salt and pepper baked in the oven for about an hour. オーソドックスなアメリカ式?ローストチキン。 香りを良くする為にローズマリーとレモンをスタッフィングにしてチキンバッグにいれて1時間ばかり蒸し焼きにしています。   Quiche with oysters, spinach and onions 今が旬の牡蠣とほうれん草とオニオンのキッシュ。        

Taiwanese Chicken_ 超簡単!台湾風チキン煮込み

Recently…it seems I’ve been posting a lot of Chinese foods and chicken. Yes, it’s coincidental… This is a super easy recipe from one of my favorite reader with super recipes on Taiwanese / Chinese Food. As already said….it’s super easy. It’s like an all in one recipe but extremely tasty. これは台湾料理の読者の方のレシピ。 超簡単、、まさに超簡単なレシピです。材料を揃えて煮るだけ。これからは寒い季節。手軽に美味しく煮るだけ。時々、、助かります。     Taiwanese Chicken Recipe 『骨付きチキンの炊き込み』 2 Chicken Thighs with bone 5 slices of ginger 1 Green Leaks (Tie the leaks with cooking strings) 1 Dried Chili 80cc Dark Soy Sauce 300cc Water 2 Tablespoons Rice Wine 2 Tablespoons Sugar   Spice Bag – 1 Cinnamon Stick 2 Star Anise 1/2 Tablespoon (Chinese) Blue Pepper 1/2 Tablespoon Japanese Pepper 4-5 Cloves   (Spice bag) Place all the ingredients into the spice bag (tea bag). (Leaks) Tie the leaks with a kitchen string so it will not disintegrate during the process of slow cooking. Using a heavy pot, place the ginger, leaks, dried chili (remove the seeds), soy sauce, water, rice wine and sugar and spice bag into the cooker. Cook the meat for …

Tea Soaked Twice Cooked Chicken | 紅茶鶏

This is my experimental version of the Tea Soaked Twice Cooked Chicken, served at our favorite Chinese restaurant called Ban-Rai-Ken (Shitose Karasuyama) , curious as if I can replicate the dish – of course, without the recipe. The dish can only be served with one week prior notice and is quite exquisite.  Searching through the internet, someone had written that his chicken goes through 5 process of ‘soaking/marinating – drying – steaming – smoking – frying’. Hum…a long process. No wonder it takes a week advance notice.

Juicy & Tender ! White Chicken Sandwich | 超柔らか〜い!鶏胸肉サンドイッチ

Red meat or white meat? The  ‘red meat’ gets the majority of votes, ‘white’ never gets even a glimpse of glory. We all know….white meat is more healthy than red…. but only except for the minority of genuine chicken lovers…. or California where fitness, beauty and health is like a contagious disease….. CHICKEN BREAST IS TOO DRY!!!! is a natural response. Well…here is a introduction to ‘magic cooking – how to make juicy, tender white chicken breast’.  It’s simple and of all, it truly works. I’m not selling the idea for money so just give it a try and your idea towards ‘dry white chicken breast’ will vanish – totally!!!! Turn your chicken breast into a ‘CHICKEN BREAST SOFT JUICY STEAK’ and knock out some few pounds or become an satisfying diet helper. Ooops….my story was supposed to be about this sandwich but superb meat = superb sandwich!!! (This magic cooking was introduced couple of years ago in a Japanese TV program callled ‘tameshite  gatten’ by NHK). 外国ではチキンの肉を『白肉(white meat)』か『赤肉(red meat)』、どちらにしますか?という表現を使います。 白肉はムネ肉のこと。赤肉はもも肉のこと。 ムネ肉は健康にはとってもいいと分かったいるけど、どうもパサパサ、もさもさしているから嫌い〜という意見、多いのではないでしょうか。我家の主人もその一人。 うちの主人なんかはムネ肉は鶏肉だと思っていなかったというのですから鶏さんにはとっても失礼な話です。 しかし、、 『ためしてガッテン!』の番組で紹介された魔法の料理法を会得してから『鶏肉のステーキ』は本当に別物になりました。簡単な準備方法でムネ肉が柔らかく、ジューシーで本当に別物の様に思えます。薄切りにして軽く小麦粉をはたいてソテーにしてもいいし、卵にくぐらせてソテーにしてもいいし。美味しいバゲット(むふ、我家は自家製です)に挟んで好きな具材を挟めばとっても美味しいバゲットサンドの出来上がりです。これからの季節、アウトドア活動、キャンプなどにも便利。 …