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Thin Crust ‘Flaky’ Apple Pie | アップル・パイ

Very easy….’Thin Crust Flaky’ Apple Pie. Using the FEUILLETAGE | FLAKY PASTRY which I made for the Tarte Figues kept frozen, an easy apple pie using the Japanese Kogyoku (slightly sour but bakes well for pies and cakes, apparently also called the Jonathan) . Yes, I know…making the FLAKY PASTRY is the hard part but….once you get your mind around to making it…make enough so you can store it frozen and does come very handy with seasonal fruits and desserts and just ENYOY!

Irresistible are they? Cinnamon Rolls | シナモンロール

Cinnamon Rolls could be one of few irresistible bread rolls including myself. Do you agree – that think most people love cinnamon rolls? I remember way back (when?) my first encounter with American fast food culture included frozen cinnamon rolls when I used to be an Irish schoolgirl visiting my aunt in San Antonio, Texas during summer vacation.  MacDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, Mexican fajitas….it was a shocking site for a country girl who lived in Cork, Ireland; in a peaceful land of Celt with cattles and vast meadows. The closest to fast food was…I recall ‘fish and chips’. Oops…getting back to subject of cinnamon rolls… Now, Starbucks make great cinnamon rolls…this irresistible food is definitely American food and I continually and time to time pick up people’s recipes to explore the greatest cinnamon rolls recipe, like having a secret weapon in my recipe book. Unfortunately…..Not quite there yet, though for the road to continue, but this recipe is an interesting recipe.  It’s not as goowy but a nice cinnamon bun made out of brioche …

Apple Cinnamon Bread | アップル シナモン ブレッド

Another one of my most simple….breakfast breads. There’s nothing to it. Just mix and blend but the apples and cinnamon make a well combination to savor it for breakfast over a warm cup of hot coffee or hot latte. Try it!!! 林檎とシナモンが好きな人にはとっても 最適で、、 ウルトラシンプルな、、 ブレッド・ケーキ。 まぜるて焼くだけだけでも、、旨い! Apple Cinnamon Bread Recipe – 【Dry Ingredients】 375g Flour 1 + 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Powder 1 ~ 2 Tablespoons Cinnamon pinch of salt 【Wed Ingredients】 100g Brown Sugar (substitute maple syrup) 3 large egg 170g Milk 100g Rapeseed Oil 【Fruit】 2 mediums size apples Preheat the oven to 180℃ / 350F. Peel and cut the apples into small sizes. Combine the dry ingredients and sift well. With a mixer – beat the sugar and egg until the mixture is thick and heavy. Add the rapeseed oil and milk slowly the oil combines well into the mixture without separating. With a spatula – add the flour in several portiions and then the apples. Blend well. Transfer the mixture in a well battered baking tin (kugelhoph baking tin) and spread the …

For Scone lovers….Cinnamon Scone Bread | シナモンスコーンブレッド

This is my version of a ‘Cinnamon Scone Bread’ which is irresistible for scone lovers. Inspired by a recipe which I picked up at Food 52, a great attractive cooking site. It is sort of like a scone biscuit, not exactly like the soft scone fermented overnight with natural yeast which I is one of my husband’s favorites but his recipe combined with the streusel filling is unique in its own. I love the idea of layering it with streusel which I will probably make my own favorite filling in due course. This is how it looks in the pan before it goes into the oven. Dimensional photo…… This is my original recipe – Fruit scone fermented overnight with natural yeast; which is like a scone bread  (for say..). Food 52 – Cinnamon Scone Bread Recipe