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Banana Chocolate Ganache Pastry |チョコレート・バナナ ペーストリー

Hi, there ! with a bit of shyness from my absence of blogging. It’s the first blog of 2017….. (already it’s February) Not to worry that I’ve been keeping well…. no excuses….just gone really lazy on blogging. I’ve started to redesign my blog to encourage myself to blog more.

Apricot Almond Filled Danish | アプリコット・アーモンド・デニッシュ

Danish pastries married to any sweet ingredients – fruit, jam, compote, chocolate, custard cream and almond cream; a least chance of you going wrong. I am just having fun today with my ‘homemade syruped apricots’ combined with almond cream into a ‘gyoza (dumpling)’ like danish pastry. 時として食べたくなるデニッシュ生地。 デニッシュやクロワッサンは甘いフルーツだったり、チョコレートだったり、シロップ漬けだったり、、フルーツコンポートやら、、 甘いものがベストマッチな生地だと作るたびに毎回思います。 今回は去年千曲川まで買いにいった『杏』(アプリコット)のシロップ漬けを開封してデニッシュの中にアーモンドクリームと一緒に作ってみました。ちょっと餃子型?貝殻型?UFO型? ちょっとかわいいデニッシュペストリーに仕上がりました。           Recipe for Danish Pastry Recipe for Almond Cream

Danish..Danish…Danish Pastries | デニッシュ….デニッシュ….デニッシュ

Dear Danish Lovers, Here is a post especially for ‘Danish Lovers’ with a simple instructions to spur your creativity!  The recipe is long but I hope helpful for those who are inspired by making food beautiful!! and love the awe!!!

Almond Danish Loaf | アーモンド デニッシュ ローフ

Although ‘Danish’ has always been one of my favorite breads, I’ve really not have not come up with a great recipe which works for all.  What works for me is that it is – relatively easy to make, flaky but still retains the bread-like softness, not over-crispy, hidden presence of butter yet with a good buttery flavor. But this is – I think! – is a great recipe which seem to work as my basis of my Danish pastries. This loaf is a ‘Almond Cream Danish Loaf’ with a little bit of roasted walnuts intertwined into the loaf. I would think that the sweetness is too subtle to a lot of the ‘western’ readers, but we – majority of Japanese tend to prefer the subtle taste which includes the dolce-sweetness as well. I will be coming up with various Danish Pastries (in due course) which I hope will extend as using this as not only as a sweet bread but for appetizers and party hor dourves.   これだぁ!!!という『デニッシュ ペストリー』の生地のレシピになかなか出会えず、著名なベーカリーシェフ達のレシピを使ったり、いろいろ長年すぎました。この前、えっ、と思うレシピに遭遇したので作ってみたらこれは美味しいじゃないですか。 私の求めていたレシピは ①サクサク ②サクサクながらもパンの生地が感じる ③バターを感じずにもバターの香りがする ④何層にもなっている皮が脂っこくない ⑤そうかと言って、、安いパンのように湿ったデニッシュの様にはしたくない そんな贅沢を考えながら、ちょっと(かなり)満足できるレシピに出会えました。 …

Homemade Cragel (Crogel?) |クロワッサンとベーグルの1/2 クレーゲル

As one of my readers has requested my homemade version of the cragel (crogel?), in all due respect to the original creators of the cragel, I will put up the recipe for bread/donut and croissant lovers. Cragel is a half and half mixture of croissant, danish and bagel.  It is hard to describe but surely a one of kind – a hybrid bread, quite challenging to make but the result is enormous for break makers. My original recipe is a recipe combination of my croissant, danish and bagel so I hope I am not offending the originators. My version is yet a working progress ..but it works for me.  If some may prefer a more buttery texture…..there is yet room for modification to your own liking. If anyone tries our this recipe, leave me a comment in return or better suggestions if any. 去年数回作った『クレーゲル』(クローゲル?)』。 ニューヨークで発祥し、一躍有名になりましたがなかなかレシピが見つからず自己流。海外の読者、数人から是非レシピをアップしてほしいという要請が届き、、えぇぇ、、いいのかなぁ〜 自己流だけど、、と思いながらの投稿です。まだまだ改造中のレシピです。 いざ作ってみるとなかなか、パン制作としては快く手間がかかる『クレーゲル』(クローゲル?)』ですが、もし作った方がいたら是非コメントを頂けると嬉しいです。   In the works… Cragel (Crogel?) Recipe – < DANISH PASTRY > Bread Flour (70%) 210g Cake Flour (30%) 90g Salt (1.5%) 4.5g Sugar (10%) 30g Dry Yeast (2%) …

Homemade Cragel (Crogel)|a Hybrid Croissant-Bagel

Trendy food catches on fast. I mean really fast, especially in Tokyo. A fashion magazine introduced the CRAGEL or CROGEL (whichever you may call in English but pronounced the same in Jan-glish), a croissant and bagel – hybrid bread and bread fans are already looking for small boulangeries that may sell a homemade CROGEL. Unfortunately not yet except for a convenience store (Lawson) which is far beyond what is described as the real CRAGEL born in New York. The croissant is a flaky bread…. the bagel is a soft moist chewy bread… a combination of both doughs and the combined bread texture made me curious enough; no wonder it seems to be a big seller at the bagel store in New York. So…since I, myself run a ‘Saturday Bakery’ to my registered bread friends; this is my version of the CRAGEL which all of what is described with this ‘hybrid Croissant – Bagel’,  FLAKY, CRISPY, SOFT and MOISTY in the inside. I hope to be testing this CRAGEL (CROGEL) further, but it already is quite …