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making it even better…boiling Edamame

Have you tried EDAMAME? Edamame is also known as ‘green soy beans’ and an extremely popular side dish in Japan during the summer. It munchies well with beer but I find it ‘fortunately’ extremely addictive as after all it is soy beans and one of our healthiest diets of all. Fresh picked EDAMAME is obviously very good….. but even more, we Japanese never stop to make things even more better….. and there was a television program just a couple of days before to make it even better. Since the TV program is only in Japanese, here is the recipe.   Fresh edamame…..1 pack (200-300g) Salt…..12g Sugar…..12g Water…..600ml Preheat the pot for approximately 30 secs, and roast the dry shrimps. Add the water, salt, sugar and EDAMAME and with the lid boil for approx. 3 minutes. Check the firmness of the EDAMAME after 3 minutes and boil until your preferred firmness. After draining the EDAMAMA, sprinkle salt to your liking.     『ためしてガッテン!』で紹介されたレシピです。 昔はサヤの両側を切って、、茹でると極上の枝豆が出来るという紹介の番組を見たことがありますが、、今回は『茶豆』に変身するという裏技の番組です。夏が終わる頃が枝豆が一番美味しいらしいですが、、採れたての枝豆はやはり羨ましい〜。東京に出荷されている豆とは全然味が違うのでしょうね。   written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan