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Homemade Breakfast Breads | 自家製ブレークファーストブレッド

Spring brings back a lot of rain to prepare the plants for the coming new season. It is also gives me some inspiration, especially ‘time’ on  a rainy day to bake an assortment of breads which I keep stored in the freezer, variety of breakfast breads for each morning enjoyment.

Homemade Cragel (Crogel?) |クロワッサンとベーグルの1/2 クレーゲル

As one of my readers has requested my homemade version of the cragel (crogel?), in all due respect to the original creators of the cragel, I will put up the recipe for bread/donut and croissant lovers. Cragel is a half and half mixture of croissant, danish and bagel.  It is hard to describe but surely a one of kind – a hybrid bread, quite challenging to make but the result is enormous for break makers. My original recipe is a recipe combination of my croissant, danish and bagel so I hope I am not offending the originators. My version is yet a working progress ..but it works for me.  If some may prefer a more buttery texture…..there is yet room for modification to your own liking. If anyone tries our this recipe, leave me a comment in return or better suggestions if any. 去年数回作った『クレーゲル』(クローゲル?)』。 ニューヨークで発祥し、一躍有名になりましたがなかなかレシピが見つからず自己流。海外の読者、数人から是非レシピをアップしてほしいという要請が届き、、えぇぇ、、いいのかなぁ〜 自己流だけど、、と思いながらの投稿です。まだまだ改造中のレシピです。 いざ作ってみるとなかなか、パン制作としては快く手間がかかる『クレーゲル』(クローゲル?)』ですが、もし作った方がいたら是非コメントを頂けると嬉しいです。   In the works… Cragel (Crogel?) Recipe – < DANISH PASTRY > Bread Flour (70%) 210g Cake Flour (30%) 90g Salt (1.5%) 4.5g Sugar (10%) 30g Dry Yeast (2%) …

White Liver Pâté with Campagne | 白レバーパテと自家製カンパ–ニュ

Not often do I come across ‘white (chicken) liver’ at my regular and favorite poultry shop. The white chicken liver is a very smooth liver, not too strong of a liver smell so some who detest liver due to the strong and distinctive taste can often eat my homemade ‘white liver pâté‘. Of course the recipe can be used for regular liver pâtés but always use the really fresh livers when homemade so at least it will stay fresh for some time in the fridge. It may come to a surprise to some people, even to my many friends who made the same comment – gee, didn’t know that liver pâté was so easy to make. Yes! it is. Give it a try and you will never be buying liver pâté off the shelf with lots and lots of preservatives. The liver pâté goes extremely well with the campagne breads. (my homemade campagnes are seasame/assorted seeds, plain, walnuts and cranberry and currants.) なかなか手に入りにく『白レバー(チキン)』ですが、手に入った時は必ずパテ分を頂いて『白レバーパテ』にします。雑味がなくて、とっても滑らかで、レバーの臭みも少なく、、レバーが苦手という人もこのこのレバーパテは絶品!と言って食べてくれる人も多く。 また、レバーパテは自家製は難しいと思っている人が多く、、こんなに簡単で美味しいのならと言ってくれる友人も。自家製は冷蔵庫で1週間程度の日持ちかも知れませんが防腐剤固めされているパテは買えなくなるのは間違いなしです。是非、お近くの鶏肉屋さんで手に入ったら作ってみてください〜。決して難しくはありませんぬ。 パテーの際は是非、、カンパーニュとワインで。 White Liver Pate Recipe – 200g White Liver (chicken) 1 …