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New Year’s multi-culture washoku | 2018年に願う「彩り」元旦

New Years Day, dinner. For us Japanese, New Year’s celebration is a traditional event, most likely THE important day of the year in which we celebrate the day with ‘traditional Japanese osechi’. If anyone of the readers are curious of what ‘osechi is?’, many sites will explain the meaning of some of the osechi dishes. This year I decided to venture out from the tradition to a somewhat non-tradtional ‘washoku cuisine’ to something which I call it ‘multi-cultured washoku’.

Vegan Sandwich | ベジタリアン・サンドウィッチ

Vegan Sandwich | ベジタリアン・サンドウィッチ I’ve been doing a lot of Instagram uploads lately…. the Instragram posts should appear at the bottom of each post and my late efforts putting up some of the recipes which may appear appealing to my blog visitors. This is a sandwich which I’ve made for the road. Since our breakfast table comes first with a large fresh salad, I wanted to make a sandwich which I feel I am eating a salad rather sandwich bread, a vegetarian sandwich.   最近、、 Instagram からのアップロードにややハマり気味。 このサンドイッチは『野菜を食べる』というテーマで大半野菜で構成してみたサンドイッチです。長距離ドライブに便利で、、我家の朝食は大皿の野菜サラダを習慣にしているのでそんなサンドイッチができたらいいなぁ〜と思い。レシピというほどのレシピではございませんが、、野菜から水ででないようにソースは別にして、クッキングシートを使い包み込む技を使えばサンドイッチが崩れる心配もなく作れます。これからアウトドアが気持ちいい季節。ドライブやピクニックにどうぞ。     Vegan Sandwich  | ベジタリアン・サンドウィッチ   Thin Slices of sandwich bread – (British Loaf | イギリスパン) Lettuce Leaves Rucola Leaves Carrots peeled long with a skin peeler (soaked in olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice, raisins) Oven baked red paprika Sweet Potatoes (Steamed) (Sauce) Mayonnaise with French Mustard   Lettuce – wash the lettuce and rucola leaves and drain off the water. Carrots – peel the carrot with a skin peeler. Marinate the carrot with olive oil, salt and pepper and lemon juice. Add some raisins for flavor. Paprika …

Paella Party | パエリア・パーティー

Busy days take my time off from blogging. Once the habit loosen… notice that my blog has not be posted for few weeks. Wow…how fast time flies but family priorities seem to take up a lot of my time especially during the changes of season.

Home Party Cooking | 我家のパーティお料理 | Part 4

This dish adds glamor to the table. The feel of having edible but bright flower-like colors on the table enhances the eye and appetite. And above all….the guests’ awe is quite complimentary to the chef. It also serves well for vegetarian guests and since this dish needs preparation beforehand (the night before the party)….phew….a small relief alleviating some pressure off when all other dishes fight for time until you hear the first doorbell for guest arrival. Forgot to mention….mind you…it does tastes good!!! 食卓に『色』がほしいときはテリーヌがとっても便利で美しい一品。 パプリカは赤、黄、オレンジと色彩豊かにしてくれるます。事前の準備がちょっと面倒にも思えるかもしれませんが、、焼いたパプリカはそのままサラダに使用しても美味しい食材。ズッキーニは平らな土台を作ってくれますが、、ポテトとかテリーヌを支えてくれる食材はかならず使用した方がうまくいきます。 せっかく綺麗に作ったテリーヌ。切る段階でナイフの切れ具合によってつぶれたり、スッパリと切れなかったりして、はぁ〜ガッカリすることが多々あるので、、、、今回は薄い生ハムを買うとついてくる透明のプラスチックのデヴァイダー(divider)をつかって、ショートケーキサイズに一つ一つ分けて作ってみました。大成功 👍 でした。これからはこの手を使おうっと! Vegetable Terrine Recipe – 3 Paprika 1 Zucchini 1 Tofu Mackerel rillettes (optional) 2 tablespoon gelatin x 300ml consommé Salt, Pepper Cooking – (Paprika) Preheat the oven to 190C/330F and roast for 50-60 minutes. When cool, peel the outer skin and cut into small petal size. (Zucchini) Thinly slice the zucchini with a peeler and boil in salt water. Drop it in cold water and cut to the width of you dish. (Mine being approx 5 – 7 cm) (Tofu) Wrap the tofu in a paper towel and microwave …