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a Spanish dish…Monkfish Ratatouille | アンコウのラタテューユ

Last year just around this time, I published an article on Monkfish. (February 13, 2015   Monkfish Hot Pot | あんこう鍋)   The most common way is the Hot Pot in Japan, but I came across a very interesting recipe from one of my favorite cooking expert – Kumi Maruyama who specializes in Spanish cooking. It is a Monkfish Ratatouille stewed with tomato sauce and potatoes. The pikata seemed to be inspiring way of adding depth to the ratatouille, the pikata made from crushed almonds, garlic and baguette. It is a very tasty dish and serves well with the ‘Ariori Sauce’ and baguette.   今年は暖冬でアンコウはあまり大漁ではないそうですが、、 先日大きなアンコウを魚屋で手に入れたので鍋にしようと思っている最中、大好きなスペイン料理研究家の丸山久美さんの新聞での料理掲載をみて是非作ってみました。 アンコウの煮込みとされていますがまさにアンコウのラタテューユ。ただスペイン独特でしょうか、、『ピカタ』と言ってバゲット、ニンニク、アーモンドをすりつぶした物を入れると全体の絡み方がとっても美味しくなり絶品料理でした。 スペインの料理サイトを調べてみるとアンコウよりも『マグロ』でやる料理ことが一般的みたいで、、いずれ魚介の旨味でシーフード(鱈、オヒョウなど)なら何でも美味しそうなお料理です。 魚介が美味しい冬の季節に是非お試しあ〜れ。 バゲットとシンプルサラダを作っての我家の夕飯でした。         Monkfish Ratatouille | アンコウの煮物 【A】 300g Monkfish 1 large Monkfish Liver 1 medium onion 2 medium potato 1 can tomatoes 1/4 cup white wine 200g sea clams Chopped Italian parsley (for dressing)   【B】Pikata 20g raw (no salted) almonds 3 pieces of 1cm cut baguette slices 1 piece garlic   【C】Ariori Sauce 1 small grated garlic 1 egg yolk 1/2 cup olive oil …

Summer Preserves & ‘Aubergine’ pâté | 茄子のパテ

The hot sun, the hot summer yields an abundant amount of summer vegetables. More than one can consume at once in a household. My friend from our ad agency days drops by now and then, very so often on a late Saturday after spending a full day at his ‘organic farm’.

Fruit tarte | フルーツタルト and some party suggestions….

It’s been raining frequently and the sun has shied away in this rainy season here in Tokyo. Our distinctive season provide us with distinctive vegetation and fruit; thus this we need this long continuous rain which prolongs at least until the middle of July. It’s no doubt an enduring season, quite hot and humid but at least it keeps your skin baby-like humid which no woman can complain. Here are some party menus and dessert

Party Pizzettes | ピゼット

Here are my ‘party pizzettes’…… petite size pizzas, the dough thin and bread-like, above all fun to make and makes perfect gifts for wine parties. The topping could be anything of your choice but my selections are seasonal and for the occasion. If it would be a wine/cocktail party, the toppings could be more on the salty side than sweet. If perhaps for a younger or children gathering, I would tend to go for the more sweeter selections for both the sauce and topping. Whatever it is, variety is nice to have so people can pick on their own choice and tongue. ワインの集まりに作った『ピゼット』。ピザより小さく、つまんでもあまりお腹がいっぱいにならない程度のもの。トッピングはコレ!と言ったものではなく、好みにトッピングを使うといいです。まずはベースとなるソースをきめてるとそのソースに合うトッピングをのせればいいのがピザ方程式。個人的には『じっくり低温で炒めた玉葱』がとっても好きで少し塩気を多くしておくのがポイント。茶色い玉葱は自然にねっとりと絡みが良くなり他の具材やチーズとも相性がとっても良い。 夕飯の残りのカレーやホワイトクリームシチューなど、、水分を飛ばし冷凍保存しておくとこの時にソースとして大活躍しますよ! Pizzette Dough Recipe (Makes 23) 400g Flour 100g Fine whole-wheat flour 5g Dry yeast 10g Sugar 10g Skim milk powder 340g Water 40g Butter Toppings with Base Sauce – Gobo pâté Black Olives + Shredded Cheese Black Olives + Sardines + Shredded Cheese Sautée various type of Mushrooms + Shredded Cheese Toppings with Base Sauce – Sautéed Onions Base Sauce – very well sautéed salted brown onions. Sautee the onions for …