Month: October 2016

DIY Flower Collage Apron | 花のコラージュ・エプロン

This is an apron is made from large tea towel fabric, beautiful flower collage designed by an Artist, Starla M. Halfmann. It’s a relatively small apron made to fit a junior high girl size (Japanese children size 160), see my niece reference photo below. It is available at my Etsy site, if anyone is interested in purchasing this item.

Stewed Pacific Saury | 金のさんま

Sanma (Pacific Saury) is an iconic fish which states the arrival of autumn in our country. With the effect of global warming and the increased (extreme)  volume of catch from our neighboring countries, the Pacific Saury has started to grow sparse over the last few years and sooner or later, I think restrictions will be applied to the catch of Sanma.