Month: December 2014

Farewell 2014

2014 has been ‘a very challenging’ year. Thus have strongly reminded me of a phrase from ‘Kaibara Ekiken’, a Japanese Neo-Confucianist philosopher. If life is short, even if obtained a wealth of world Four Seas, the limit of time will not make it worthwhile to have such property. Health can be governed and attained by oneself. The greatest fortune is non-comparable that long-living. 命が短ければ、天下四海の富を得ても使う時間が無く、どれほどの財産も意味をなさない。 自身を律し、健やかに身を保ちて、長命になる事ほど大いなる福はない。 A new year 2015 is dawning…. Wishing you all a the best and a happy new year!!!!

For Scone lovers….Cinnamon Scone Bread | シナモンスコーンブレッド

This is my version of a ‘Cinnamon Scone Bread’ which is irresistible for scone lovers. Inspired by a recipe which I picked up at Food 52, a great attractive cooking site. It is sort of like a scone biscuit, not exactly like the soft scone fermented overnight with natural yeast which I is one of my husband’s favorites but his recipe combined with the streusel filling is unique in its own. I love the idea of layering it with streusel which I will probably make my own favorite filling in due course. This is how it looks in the pan before it goes into the oven. Dimensional photo…… This is my original recipe – Fruit scone fermented overnight with natural yeast; which is like a scone bread  (for say..). Food 52 – Cinnamon Scone Bread Recipe

Kiwi Jam

Fresh and natural grown KIWI from my sister. I’ve been waiting to ripen – which I have kept the Kiwi in a dark room concealed in a plastic bag together with an apple. Kiwi jam goes well with yoghurt and my handmade breads…especially the ‘Campagnes’.   Kiwi Jam Kiwi (ripe) Sugar 20% of Kiwi Pinch of Salt Lemon Juice   If the Kiwi is not ripe, keep the Kiwi in a dark room in a plastic concealed bag with an apple. The apple will help the Kiwi to ripen. Peel the Kiwi and add 20% of sugar and a pinch of salt and bring to medium boil. Once the Kiwi starts to soften in syrup add lemon juice (to your liking).

Four days fermented Brown Rice | 寝かし玄米

Due to my circumstances which have occurred to my family, I have started to investigate how to ‘warm the body’ – a slight temperature rise in the body kills unwanted bacterias and illness including cancer cells. One of the recipes which has been added into our food table is – a 4 day fermented BROWN RICE. Brown rice is well known for it natural goodness, lots of fiber and to retain a healthy body. But I must say it is not quite popular…..especially for men who adore WHITE RICE. This ‘4 day fermented BROWN RICE’ is warmed in the rice cooker for practically four days in which the bran and husk disintegrates and combines well with the actual rice turning it slightly like an OSEKIHAN, soft and easy to eat. Using brown rice totally free of pesticides is recommended, especially brown rice. This is what it looks like before the rice is cooked with aduki beans. 4 days Fermented Brown Rice Recipe Brown Rice 4 cups – 720cc Aduki Beans 50g Salt 4g Sake 4g …

Merry Christmas!

Several months have past since I stopped blogging. This autumn season had been a difficult time for my husband, diagnosed with larynx (throat) cancer and had undergone laryngectomy surgery. Luckily the doctors were able to remove the entire cancer tumor and no evidence seen in the lymph glands; so he is still in process recovery – slowly but surely. So I’ve decided….no blogging…for a while until I feel our lives our back in track and our daily ‘food life’ has undergone changes to adjust to his illness. The ‘Laryngectomy surgery’ has taken his entire larynx which has produced a stoma (for lung breathing) and consequently he has lost the ability to smell and speak. The ability to ‘speak’ can replaced with an artificial voice cord in due course but the ability to ‘smell’ is lost permanently and to recognize the importance of ‘smell’ which changes the perception of ‘taste’ is quite enormous. I am still in the process of experimenting….. What is tastes good….. without smelling or without scent? This is also a challenging path …