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Frying Pan baked English Muffin Recipe – 「フライパン」で作るイングリッシュマフィン

May 1st, 2019. REIWA May 1st. This day is a historical day, dawns the new Japanese era ‘REIWA’ from the previous ‘HEISEI’, a Japanese era named for each emperor. If anyone is interested in the Japanese monarch system, it is a good period to many media will explain well of the past and present emperors of Japan. However….this Memorial Day has…..nothing to do with my post today. This is an ‘English Muffin’ post which I published a while ago through Instagram and received good review, comments, and recipe request. It is a simple easy to make ‘English Muffin’, NOT using an oven but a frying pan (with a lid). Once the dough ferments, it is a matter of rolling the dough to an English muffin shape and baking using a flat frying pan concealing the heat and moist which enables the bun to become moist, soft and very very yummy!!! Give it a try and let me know how it turns out. 『令和』の最初の投稿がこの『イングリッシュ・マフィン』になるとは思いませんでした。数日前にインスタグラムで投稿したら、かなりの評判で数々の方にやり方を教えてほしいというご要請。気がつくとちょうど『令和』のはじめの投稿になりました。『令和』、新元号になりました。引き続き、地道にパンやお菓子や家庭料理作りをしていこうと思っておりますのでどうそよろしくお願いします。 さて、このフライパンで作る『イングリッシュ・マフィン』レシピですが、、これが今まで自分が作りづづけてきた『イングリッシュ・マフィン』を味をはるかに超えるレシピとなりました。オーブンばかりでパンを作る自分としても意外な発見となりました。パン作りをしたことがない人もとても簡単に作れるレシピです。長時間をかけないと美味しいパンが作れないという固定観念も打ち砕くほど美味しく、魅力的なレシピです。 特にこのゴールデンウィーク、家族の集まりが多いときだと思います。新しいことを始めるのにはいい時かもしれませんよ。びっくりするくらい美味しい『イングリッシュ・マフィン』ができるので是非作ってみてください。 Frying Pan Baked English Muffin Recipe 【Ingredients】Makes 7 Muffins Bread …

Pumpkin Twist Loaf & Apple Roll Bread

Making simple bread loafs are not quite easy when pursued perfection but ‘pre-made sheets‘ integrated into a basic bread loaf can be a quite fun and rather impressive. These ‘pre-made sheets’ can be made with many other ingredients, although my all time favorite tends to be the ‘pumpkin sheet’. Looking back at my baking archive, I’ve made this loaf with my nieces as a baking lesson, goes back already 3 years from now. Click the link to see my adoring nieces having lots of ‘baking fun’. RECIPE link to : Pumpkin Twist Loaf Pumpkin Twist Loaf Bread Recipe –  Bread Flour (100%) 175g Cake Flour (100%) 175g Salt (1.6%) 5.6g Sugar (10%) 35g Dry Yeast (0.85%) 3g Unsalted Butter (5.7%) 49g – mix in with the dough Cream (8%) 28g Egg Yolk (6%) 21g Milk (56%) 196g Pumpkin Sheet <Pumpkin Sheet> Recipe –  Cake Flour 10g Mashed Pumpkin 120g Corn Starch 5g Sugar 30g Milk    1 Tbsp Rum 1 Tsp Cinnamon Powder 1/4 Tsp Unsalted Butter 5g < Pumpkin Sheet > Mix the flour, pumpkin, …

Bread series | White Bread |食パン生地でお楽しみパン

The regular sandwich loaf, it’s dough can be reshaped into many different type of tasty breads. This white bread dough, the British Loaf dough can is an egg free ingredient which suits well with ‘egg allergy’ toddlers. Indeed… these breads were made for my little munchkins (grandchildren), two among three still struggling to overcome  ‘egg’ allergy. 食パン生地は食パンだけではなく、いろいろな形や味のパンに変身させることが可能です。特に「卵アレルギー」を持つお子様には適している生地。我が家も3人の内、2人の孫が「卵アレルギー」を克服中。年と共に改善されているみたいですが、、たくさん食べる場合はやはりエッグフリーが安心ですよね。 Gobo (Burdock) and Carrot Epi | ごぼうと人参のエピ Burdock and carrots integrated into the dough to make the typical French ‘epi’. The small pieces, easy to divide makes it a perfect for children or even picnic outings. The fillings can be anything of your children’s favorites, staying away from too watery ingredients, which makes it difficult to shape the bread.   Sweet Potato Twist Bread |サツマイモのツイストパン Steamed sweet potatoes integrated into the dough and twisted. The sweeter the potatoes, the better the taste. Sweet, yet the child stays healthy from natural food.                               保存保存 保存保存 保存保存

British ‘Lardy Cake’ | イギリスの葡萄パン

えっ?イギリスのパン? イギリスのパンで特徴的なパンはあまり思い浮かばないけれど、、何故か、このパンはとても美味しそうに見えて機会があったら「試すファイル」に入っていました。 まぁ〜もっともイギリスはクリスマスケーキ本場の国。レーズンも多種類。フルーツをたっぷりといれて作るクリスマスケーキ。TESCOで買うフルーツパンも意外に美味しかったわ!グレート・ブリティッシュ・シェフのサイトからのレシピなので失敗なしだと願いながら、、クリスマスケーキ風フルーツパンの記憶を思い出しながら「イギリスの葡萄パン」を作ってみました。

Custard Bread Pudding | Pain Perdu| カスタードブレッドプディング

Pain Perdu, this directly translates as ‘French Toast‘ but although one of my favorite bakery in Tokyo makes a Pain Perdu – to me it is equivalent to what I or we used to call ‘Bread Pudding’ or ‘Custard Bread Pudding’ in the British-Irish food culture.

Homemade Breakfast Breads | 自家製ブレークファーストブレッド

Spring brings back a lot of rain to prepare the plants for the coming new season. It is also gives me some inspiration, especially ‘time’ on  a rainy day to bake an assortment of breads which I keep stored in the freezer, variety of breakfast breads for each morning enjoyment.

British Loaf | イギリスパン

No one knows why we call this loaf….’British Loaf’ – Igirisu Pan, in Japanese. The other naming for this bread is ‘Mountain Shape Loaf’ – Yamagata Pan….the loaf is nothing extraordinary, it’s just a plain sandwich loaf but nothing is more difficult than making a simple bread. I like to make this bread with a combination of  dry yeast and natural yeast (Hoshino) which makes the loaf texture more moist and retains the moisture for couple of days for breakfast. I personally think – dry yeast tends to make the bread dry especially when the proof is fast and short. There is no wrong to the given textbook instructions of “let if proof for about 1~2 hours”, yet I prefer to let my breads expand “overnight, slow and easy” which has become my procedure in making any bread doughs of any type. もっともシンプルなパンが一番難しい。 逃げ道がない山形パン、イギリスパン。 どちらも同じようなモノだけど形が違うだけで山形パンになってしまいます。 イギリスパンは明治屋(東京)がどうもイギリスパンを有名にした節があり、今でもイギリスパンだけど求めに明治屋に常連の人達を何人も知っています。それだけ、生地と形だけが勝負で本来の焼き上がりパンの味が一番伺えるわけでもあります。 3 mountains peaks…that is why we call this ‘Mountain Shape’ bread – Yamagata Pan in Japanese. Blending fruits, especially raisins and cranberries are my favorites. I think I added …